• Pre-university Program

Program Description
The program is designed to prepare the students wishing to study SEU’s undergraduate or postgraduate programs instructed in Chinese by providing one-semester long intensive courses. The main part of the program is intensive Chinese language training (26 classes a week including listening, speaking, reading and writing), and the additional part is elective courses (6 classes a week including mathematics, physics, English, economics and chemistry), which are the basic courses in the undergraduate program.

Application Requirements:
  ● High school graduation
  ● Ages 18 or above (Those who are under 18 must submit the agreement of the guardian.)
Application Time: Dec. 1- Jan. 30; May 1-Jun. 30
Study Duration: Spring Semester: Mar. 1-Jul. 20; Autumn Semester: Sep. 1-Jan. 20

Required documents:
  ● A copy of high school certificate and transcripts
  ● A copy of passport or other identification
  ● SEU Application Form can be asked for from SEU or downloaded from
  ● Physical Examination Record of Foreigners (only required for those whose study duration is more than 6 months)

Application Procedure: Submit the required documents within the required time to the following address:

Admission Office, College of International Students, Southeast University, No.90 Chengxian Street, Nanjing, China; 210096

or send the scanned copy of the required documents within the required time to: admission@seu.edu.cn

Registration Time:
 Feb. / Sept.

Note: The program opens under the condition that the number of qualified applicants exceeds 15.