2016 SEU Opening Ceremony & Orientation for New International Students


On September28th, the 2016 Opening Ceremony & Orientation for NewInternational Students was held in Yifu Lecture Hall, Liuyuan Hotel. ProfessorQiu Bin, the dean of College of International Students (CIS), all the CIS facultyand new international students attended, with Associate Dean Ms. Xu Jian as the hostess of the ceremony.


During theceremony, Dean Qiu Bin extended the warmest welcome to the new internationalstudents with a speech about the profound history of Nanjing and the excellentstudy atmosphere with research environment of SEU as well as the recent developmentof CIS. He ended the speech with sincere wishes for all the new students.Moreover, Cambodian student Doung Soviriya shared her learning experiences as acurrent student representative; Nepalese student MulmiShrestha Sachin, as a new student representative expressed the appreciation toChinese government for the CSC Scholarship opportunity and the determination towork harder.


The Directorsof International Students Affairs Office and Academic Affairs Office stated theschool regulations and rules afterwards. Police Sergeant Yang Liqian of NanjingPublic Security Bureau made a presentation named Law-observation and Self-protection to all the new internationalstudents.