Five SEU International Students Went for"Experience China in Beijing"


During Nov.2 and Nov.5, “Experience China inBeijing”, a social practice and cultural experience event was held in Beijingby China Scholarship Council (CSC). Five SEU international students sponsoredby CSC were invited to participate in this event.


In the event, the students visited NationalStadium Bird’s Nest and National Aquatics Center “Water Cube”, impressed by theOlympic spirit. They also had a better understanding of Chinese People'sPolitical Consultative Conference(CPPCC) system after visiting the CPPCC Cultureand HistoryResearchCenter and listening to the specialreport given by Xue Fenfei, deputy director of the Theory Bureau of CPPCC.Zheng Minli, one of the students from SEUl, asked questions on behalf of thestudents from Nanjing. Meanwhile, the tour to the Palace Museum impressed thestudents with Chinese ancient and profound history and culture, as well as thetypical traditional architecture. Besides, the students learned more about thehard course of development of Chinese technology, and soar of China’scontemporary high-tech after visiting the museum of Beihang University and Exhibition Hall ofTransportation and State Key Lab of Rail Traffic Control & Safety ofBeijing Jiaotong University. By visiting China Development Bank, the studentsdeepened their understanding of domestic economy and foreign economiccooperation.


Furthermore, CSC held an eveningparty and a meeting for teacher-student communication. Our students recited anoriginal English poem When We Leave, moving students from all over theworld with their sincere feelings.


Inthe “Experience China in Beijing” event,100 international students from 19nationwide universities experienced the extensive and profound traditionalChinese culture and the rapidly-developing modern society from such aspects aspolitics, economy, culture and technology. They also communicated and made friendswith each other. Students participating in the event said that they hadconfidence in the future of China after it this unforgettable experience.