On 14 May the much anticipated final round of SEUIMSA ANNUAL QUIZ COMPETITION took place in the medical school auditorium. All the questions of the Quiz areacademic ones from the basic medicine subjects. 228 students from 3 batches participated in the selection round held on 6 May, and top 6 students from each batch were selected to the final round, forming 6 teams each with 3 students. 

The final round was divided into 3 sections, each of which was a mix of questions from the basic medicine subjects. The rapid answer round was the students' favorite as it was the most challenging and exciting one. The audience were also given a chance to answer a question every time a team answered incorrectly. At the end of the event, one team was announced the champion and certificates were awarded to all participants of the final round by the Chief Guests from School of Medicine and College of International Students.

The extra curricular academic event arouses the interest of more students in the academic study and motivates the medical students to work hard on their professional subjects and internship.