• Directions

Dear Applicants,

The recruitment of the 2016's programs at SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY has opened!

(1) The application period of postgraduate programs is from Jan. 1, 2016 to May. 30, 2016.

(2) The application period of Chinese-taught undergraduate programs is from Jan. 1, 2016 to Jun. 15, 2016.

(3) The application period of English-taught undergraduate programs is from Jan. 1, 2016 to Jun. 30, 2016.

(4) The application period of postgraduate programs at SEU sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarship is from Jan. 1, 2016 to Apr. 5, 2016.The application period of SEU Scholarship is from Jan. 1, 2016 to April. 30, 2016

(5) Instructions on applying for CSC scholarship can be found below or visit http://cis.seu.edu.cn/s/48/t/103/4f/4c/info20300.htm 
(6) For the Undergraduate's Program applicants, please do NOT send your documents to admission office. The online application system is http://fs.seu.edu.cn/member/login.do
(7) The admission result of the postgraduate programs and the result of the CSC scholarship application will be posted on the college website before the early July, 2016.

Undergraduate's Programs at SEU

Welcome to apply for Undergraduate's Programs at Southeast University! All of them are self-financed and no Scholarship is available for the applicants at the enrollment time.

1. Complete the online systemhttp://fs.seu.edu.cn/member/login.do and wait for the response.

2. The applicants informed and admited by admission email must pay the fees within the time required.

Postgraduate Programs at SEU Sponsored by CSC

Welcome to apply for postgraduate programs at Southeast University! If you are admitted, you’ll have the opportunity of obtaining the full scholarship from Chinese government.

Application Materials (Please prepare in the following order)

1. Filled CSC application forms.(Fulfill the online application at http://laihua.csc.edu.cn ; the application code of Southeast University/the agency no.  is 10286. Save the pdf and print them after completion.)

2. Filled Application Form of SEU( Please accord the names of disciplines with the newest programs' lists)

3. A copy of Passport;

4.Physical Examination Record of Foreigners(Please download the example from the college website);

5.Certificate of Highest Degree (If you are to obtain the higher level of degree before this September, you may provide the official document to prove that.);

6. Official Transcript of Academic Records;

7. Offical Language Certificate (HSK 4 and above is needed for most Chinese-taught Programs, HSK5 for medical science, MTCSOL and economics. English-taught Programs requires TOFEL 79/IELTS 5.5 if  English is not the native language or official language . )

7. 2 Recommendation Letters with signatures;

8. Research Proposal no less than 800 words;

9. Address Form (The information you write in this form is very important; if you're admitted, all the admission document will be posted to the address you write in this form. It can be downloaded from the college website.)

10.Some programs may need other materitals. (E.g. Architecture programs requires the applicant's portfolio)

Application Period:

Jan. 1, 2016–Apr.5, 2016

Application Procedure:

1. Visit the college website and make sure your

1. Submit the required documents (including the Scholarship Application Form with a serial number) in 3 copies within the required time to the following address:

  Admission Office, College for International Students, Southeast University, 90 Chengxian Street, Nanjing , China, 210096;

2. Send the scanned copy of the documents within the required time to:admission@seu.edu.cn

Exchange Programs of SEU

Application Procedure: Apply to the coordinator at your home university, which is one of SEU’s partner universities.

Application Time: Spring semester: before Dec. 15; Autumn semester: before Jun.15

Required documents:

● Transcripts

●A copy of passport

● SEU Application Form for Exchange Students

                                                         Short-term Programs of SEU

Chinese Language & Culture Program:http://cis.seu.edu.cn/14001/list.htm

Economics Program:http://cis.seu.edu.cn/14002/list.htm

For more information, please visit http://cis.seu.edu.cn. Thank you.

Admission Office

College of International Students

Southeast University