• Regulations & Notices

AcademicRegulations on Learning Chinese at

College ofInternational Students



  1. In order to place new studentsinto an appropriate level Chinese language course, placement tests areorganized at the beginning of the autumn semester, in late August or early September.New students who have already received basic Chinese language instruction arerequired to take a placement test arranged by CIS’s Chinese Center, after whichstudents will be placed into an appropriate Chinese language class. In addition,all students studying Chinese language are required to buy new books (at localbookstores or online bookshops like Amazon.cn) according to the book listsprovided by the Chinese Center.



  1. Attendance is required for allcourses: (a) Any student who misses 20% of the total credit hours required of acourse without the Chinese Center’s permission will not be allowed to take thefinal examination or any make-up examination; (b) Three instances of cominglate to class or leaving class early will be recorded as one absence inattendance; (c) Any student missing 20% attendance of the 1st half ofthe semester will not be allowed to take the mid-term examination, and onlyafter promising in written form to achieve90% attendance for the 2ndhalf of the semester and successfully doing it, will that student be allowed totake the final examination and makeup the mid-termexamination; (d)Students with severe medical problems are expected to miss nomore than one third of the total credit hours; (e) Students who ask for leaveof absence for one or more days should get an application form from the InternationalStudents Office, receive a signature of approval from the course teacher andChinese Center, and finally submit the application to the InternationalStudents Office; (f) In normal circumstances, students should not ask for a leaveof absence for exceeding two weeks.



  1. Aside from winter and summervacation, courses will also not be held on the following holidays: TombSweeping Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and the National Holiday Week. However, because these holidays sometimes fall mid-weekresulting in the cancellation of class on a normal working day, students mayneed to attend make-up lessons as arranged by the university.



  2. Students who cannot not take themid-term or final examination because of an illness, working commitment,or other overwhelming reason should fill out an application for a make-upexamination, provide evidence (from a hospital or workplace), get a signature fromthe course teacher, and finally send these documents to the Chinese Center.Only students whose applications are approved by the Chinese Center will beeligible for make-up tests. Make-up tests will only be arranged in the firsttwo weeks of the following semester, and the Chinese Center does not allowmake-up tests for an individual student.



  1. Assessment is made according to a student’s grades and thescores of the midterm exam and the final exam. Final Grades are the calculatedsum of course grades (i.e. class attendance performance, assignments, and unittesting), the mid-term exam and the final exam. The overall assessment isdivided into the following parts: 40% from course grades, 30% from the mid-termexam, and 30% from the final exam.An unauthorized absence from one class will often result in thededuction of one point. Students whomissed the registration deadline for their courses or missed the midterm examinationwill be given a final assessment according to the course grade and the score ofthe final exam, each accounting for 50% of the total grade. For courses wherean essay is written in lieu of an examination, final assessment will becalculated according to the course grade (40%) and the grade of the essay (60%).



  1. Students who fail the finalexamination may be given a make-up test, but may not receive a score exceeding60 upon passing (the full score is 100). Student who fails the make-up test mustpay 3000 yuan for one semester to re-take all the Chinese courses and examinationsbefore being allowed to continue on to the academic major programs. Studentsstudying major programs who fail a Chinese course have to pay 150 yuan for onecredit hour to retake the Chinese course.



  2. Students who already have goodknowledge regarding a certain course may be exempt from attendance only afterapplying and receiving written permission from the course teacher and theChinese Center. After exemption is approved by the Chinese Center, studentsstill must take the final examination in order to get a final score for thecourse.



  1. Under all circumstances,students should not ask the teacher to raise their scores.



  2. Students (including undergraduates, graduates) can entertheir major programs after one year Chinese learning only when:

  1. They have passed theChinese language final examinations organized by the Chinese Center;

  2. They have passed HSKLevel 4 (consult different colleges for the language requirement; some collegesrequire HSK Level 5 or higher).

    Eligibilityfor entering major programs is reviewed by CIS’s Academic Affairs Office. Astudent who is not eligible to enter the major program after the review shouldpay the extra fee (see 5) to study Chinese language for another year.


  1. 通过汉语中心组织的汉语结业考试;

  2. 通过汉语水平考试(HSK)的四级测试(个别院系须参照相应的入学标准)。



  1. All notices will be posted on our bulletin board on the CISbuilding’s 3rd and 4th floor and near the dorm offices.Students are also advised to periodically visit CIS’s website at http://cis.seu.edu.cnfor other news.