Advanced Chinese 

Advanced Chinese, a one-year linguistic skill course designed for undergraduate, postgraduate and Chinese language students with basic Chinese knowledge, aims to make students master 3,500-4,000 common words and a higher capacity of reading (especially comprehension of paragraphs and passages) and writing which will be trained by planned practice of paragraph or passage, narrative, expository and argumentative writing (will be able to write an article of 400-600 characters within 30 min). After taking this course, the students will also be capable of understand the listening materials related to social life and narrate, illustrate and discuss by themselves. Besides, by observing and discussing the typical and positive Chinese cultural phenomena, this course will deepen the students’ understanding of profound Chinese culture. Students will pass HSK Level 5 and HSKK(Advanced). It is offered as a series of Comprehensive Course of Advanced Chinese, Listening Course of Advanced Chinese, Writing Course of Advanced Chinese, Speaking Course of Advanced Chinese, Chinese Culture, etc.