Emergency Call

  If you need an Ambulance, Dial 120.


1.1 School Hospital
There are school hospitals in SPL,JLH, and DJQ campus.
Web site: http://hospital.seu.edu.cn/
School hospital in Jiulonghu campus is located at the north corner of our campus. When you decide to go to the school hospital, please take your student card. The time of hospital time is following:

Tues, Fri
9:00——11:30   2:00——4:30
Mon to Sun
9:00——11:30   2:00——4:30
Mon, Thurs
9:00——11:30   2:00——4:30
Obstetrics and gynecology
9:00——11:30   2:00——4:30
X-ray department
Mon to Fri
9:00——11:30   2:00——4:30
Mon to Fri
9:00——11:30   2:00——4:30
Internal Medicine and Surgical Department
Mon to Sun
24h all day
Consulting Room
Mon to Sun
24h all day
Mon to Sun
9:00 to 21:00
Registration office
Mon to Sun
9:00 to 21:00


1.2 Other Hospitals in Nanjing
Zhongda Hospital(中大医院)
Zhongda Hospital belongs to Southeast University. It is a first-class hospital which is located at Dingjiaqiao campus.
Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital(鼓楼医院)
Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital (Nanjing Gulou Yi Yuan), the Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University Medical School, is one of the earliest western medical hospitals in China. The hospital was founded in 1892 . The hospital manages 2 clinical colleges, 32 clinical departments, 32 medical technical sections, and 21 special research sections and laboratories. It is located at No. 321 Zhongshan Road(中山路321号).
Nanjing First Hospital(南京市第一医院)
Nanjing First Hospital is a three level of first-class hospital which is also affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University Medical School. It located at No.68 Changle Road(长乐路68号).
 Nanjing Department Machinery Organ Hospital(南京市委机关医院)

Nanjing Department Machinery Organ Hospital is a second-class hospital. It located at No.116 Chengxian Street(成贤街116号) which is very near to our university.

1.3 Free Medicare for Chinese Government Scholarship Students
Students supported by Chinese government scholarships are entitled to free out-patient medical service(except some conditions like eyes,teeth etc.). Students of other type should buy insurance themselves. You should show your student card when register at any school hospital of SEU and your student card shouldn’t be used by others for medical treatment or you’ll be severely punished.
Any medical treatment outside NJ ,or treatment in hospital not on Free Medicare List of SEU, will never be reimbursed.
Any medical treatment caused by fighting, drinking, suicide, traffic accident caused by traffic violation, unlawfulact, responsible medical accident, nature disease , abortion, laboring, filling or pulling out teeth,eyeglass and former disease before arriving China, will never be reimbursed.
Any fees caused from registration, transportation, inoculation, defending medicine, nourishment, Qigong treatment, diagnosis and treatment, nursing ,body exam,one-off material, food, plastic surgery and reshaping, air-conditoning and so on, will never be reimbursed.
Reimbursement only available for the fees caused the same year.
You should go to appointed hospital to get regular outpatient service.
 1. Inform your counselor and fulfill the admission procedures for hospital.
2. Inform the International office and offer the name of the hospital and the disease you are suffering, your register number for in-hospital treatment, the number of your bed, the name and phone number of your physician in charge,.
3. Those who need hospitalization with serious disease should inform the teachers at the first time. Those who don’t need hospitalization with aminorillness or those who can afford the fees themselves should first inform the teachers first and pay the fees first by themselves and then ask for reimbursement later from school.
4. Take the invoice with the official seal on it and the medicalrecord to your counsellor and international office for investigation before 15th every month. If you pass the investigation, you will be able to get the reimbursement.
Jiangsu Cancer Hospital
Zhongda Hospital
Jiangsu Province Hospital
Nanjing Gulou Hospital
Jiangsu Province Hospital for TCM
Nanjing First Hospital
Nanjing EmergencyTreatment Center 
It’s imperative that foreign students must have medical insurance including Accidental Injuries and Hospitalization at least.
Students may buy medical insurance before coming to China or they may buy it upon arrival. Students who do not have medical insurance will not be
permitted to register. And the medical insurance charges 600RMB per year. You hand in the money to the financial office and then SEU will buy the medical insurance for students from insurance company.
The medical insurance covers major disease and accidental injury (hospitalization included) and dose not cover regular outpatient service. SEU has no responsibility for the cost.
Go to the appointed hospital above. Any cost from hospital outside Nanjing can not be asked from insurance company.
Some other details without statement can be referred to the Regulations for Free Medicare for Chinese Government Scholarship Students. 
The school will buy the basic medical insurance for you. And the outpatient serviceis not covered (except major disease).
Other details without statement can be referred to the Regulations for Free Medicare for Chinese Government Scholarship Students