For Sipailou Campus 

Chinese Address:中国南京成贤街90号成园研究生公寓 东南大学 210000

Correspondence Address:

Chengxian Street 90#, Nanjing, China



For Jiulonghu Campus

Chinese Address:中国南京东南大学江宁校区橘园七舍XXX房间 211189

Correspondence Address:

Juyuan 7- Room XXX,

Jiangning Campus, Southeast University,

Nanjing, China



For Dingjiaqiao Campus

Chinese Address:中国南京丁家桥87号 东南大学丁家桥校区210009

Correspondence Address:

Dingjiaqiao87#, Nanjing, China ,Dingjiaqiao Campus of Southeast University,


For more details about the dorm’s address please check http://cis.seu.edu.cn/s/48/t/103/p/1/c/1388/d/1725/list.htm

2. Ways of receiving

Ordinary mails: you could get your ordinary letters at your dormitory;

Registered letters or Parcels: you should pay attention to the information on the wall. You could get your registered letters or parcels from the mailroom at the South Gate of Jiulonghu Campus(working hours: 9:00-16:00.),gatehouse of Sipailou/ Dingjiaqiao campus dorm .

3. Post Office

Fuqiao Post Office for Sipailou 51#North Taiping Road,near Fuqiao, 10 mins’ walk, south of the campus

Yinxiang Post Office for JiulonghuRoute: Bus 16 (at the West door) to Yinhua street(殷华街), walk along the SUGUO Supermarket on your right, turn right when you pass the SUGUO Supermarket, then walk for about 50m, and you’ll find the Yinxiang Post Office.


Shanxilu Post Office for Dingjiaqiao8 Shanxi Road

Hours : 8:30-11.30, 13:30-16:30

4. Express

You may get your parcels at gatehouse of your dorm. And if you want to send parcels, you can choose China post EMS, DHL, Shentong Express and so on.. Price depends on the weight and the destination of your parcels. Here we have the hotlines and address of some express branches nearby.


China post EMS(中国邮政):

website  http://www.ems.com.cn/english-main.jsp

Address in Jiulonghu Campus : mailroom at the south gate

Branch near Sipailou Campus : 51North Taiping Road太平北路51号

Branch near Dingjiaqiao Campus:8 Shanxi Road山西路8号

Telephone : 11185



Website  http://www.cn.dhl.com/en.html

Telephone : 800-810-8000


Shentong Express(申通快递):

Website http://www.sto.cn/index.asp (in Chinese)

Telephone of Nanjing Branch:025-68128899,68520622

Address in Jiulonghu Campus: Taoyuan Telephone : 15950555883


Other post company website

中外运空运 http://www.sinoair.com/

民航快递 http://www.cae.com.cn/       

顺丰 http://www.sf-express.com/

申通圆通 http://www.yto.net.cn/

联邦快递 http://www.fedex.com/cn/