Living Off-Campus


Self-supported students are encouraged to  live off campus. 

According to related regulations, students must submit "Registration Form for Living Off Campus"  to Students Office in advance and register at their local police dispatch station.

Here we remind everyone wishing to  live off-campus, you must be sure that the source of information on your housing is reliable, and that rent procedures are completed according to law. You must also allow your landlord to bring your rent permit to the local police dispatch station to enter it into record, and you should go to the dispatch station to apply for a temporary residence registration in person. All in all, you must ensure that all procedures for renting a residence are complete, legal, and reliable.
Many students change their address or method of contact over their study, and in this situation students must remember to inform the Students Office of their new address, phone number and email. Otherwise, CIS cannot  help you update your residence permit, and inform you of important events in a timely manner. Only if we have accurate contact information can we maintain regular and unhindered communication, so that in the event you encounter difficulties or problems, the CIS can help you without delay.