Pre-departure Guide


You are on the threshold of  SEU the time you have received the Admission Notification and JW202/201 from CIS, SEU, which means that you are going to study at Nanjing for a couple of months or years. As studying abroad is a kind of big event, you should attend to the following things:

1. Carry along proper clothing as Nanjing boasts a distinctive four seasons with the highest temperature of 40 Celsius in summer and  the lowest temperature of -15 Celsius. Of course, you are able to buy any clothing you like in Nanjing if you don’t like heavy luggage. You don’t need to prepare bedding if you choose to live at SEU’s Int’l Students Dorm as we provide basic bedding of around RMB400 for each long-term student.

2. Learn to ride bicycle, which is in some way an optimal riding tool in China in spite of the popularity of automobiles.

3. Take along some household medicine and your health record certificate with you.

4. Take around RMB2000 in cash with you for the ride from the airport to SEU, the deposits of renting dorm and the 1st-week living expense, etc.  

5. Prepare a pair of spectacles if you are near-sighted, which is very important for a long-distance journey.