Bank Account of SEU


    Please send us tuition to the following account:   

1. 境内汇款银行账户信息 ( Domestic transfer, by CNY):

         收款人名称: 东南大学             

         账      号:3200 1594 1380 5912 3456


         行      号:105301000361

2. 境外汇款银行账户信息(transfer from abroad , by USD):

        收款人名称 Name of the Bank Account: 东南大学(Southeast University)

        Bank Account No: 5040 5821 6351

        Branch Name: 中国银行南京玄武支行营业部


        ADDRESS: 中国江苏省南京市洪武北路16号


        SWIFT NO:  BKCHCNBJ940


Please write the following information clearly in the statement about money remitting:

        1. Fee for which program

        2. Your name

        3. Passport no.


After you fulfill the payment, please keep the receipt and email the scanned copy of the receipt to