Course Test 2



Course Test: Strategic Management (Inter. B-2011)    2012-5-25
1.     Find a case of your home country (2 or 3 students from different countries may share one case), describe, discuss and analyze the case with an emphasis on the followings to earn at least 3 credits:
1)    It’s mission (1 credit);
2)    It’s business model (1 credit);
3)    It’s KSFs (1 credit);
4)    It’s financial and non-financial objectives (1 credit);
5)    It’s firm culture to support its strategy (2 credits);
6)    It’s TWOS (2 credits);
7)    “To ignore something in odder to do something” (2 credits);
8)    Competitor analysis (2 credits);
9)    Write a case based on your own research (2 credits);
10)Industry level analysis using five forces model (3 credits);
11)Macro level analysis using PEST model (3 credits);
12)A complete business plan (3 credits).
2.     Email a working plan for the Test to your group leader by the end of June, covering 1) what to write, 2) how to write, 3) with whom to share the case and 4) the time schedule.
3.     Hand in the end work of the paper both in hard and electronic copy within first three days of the first weak of next semester to me or via your monitor.
Ps.   Please give me the PPT of the group presentation in package.