English-taught Master’s Program of Public Health in Global Health


English-taught Master’s Program of Public Health in Global Health

About SEU

Among more than 2,000 higher-learning institutes in China, SEU is one of the oldest and top 20 for its more than a century’s academic excellence and whole-person education. 29 of its schools and departments offer 75 Bachelor’s, 29 and 49 disciplines respectively authorized to confer PhD degrees and master’s degrees.

There are over 2500 full-time faculty members and a current enrollment of 32,000 full-time students, including 1600 international students from over 100 countries on three campuses covering a total area of 447 hectares.


SEU is located in Nanjing, China at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River (the third longest river in the world). Nanjing, an ancient capital city for 10 dynasties in history, is now the provincial capital of Jiangsu, one of the most developed provinces across China where more than 1/2 of the worlds top 500 multinational corporations have set up about 700 subsidiaries. The well-developed highway, railway and airway system makes the transportation to other parts of China and the world very convenient.


Features of the Program

The English-taught MPH Program in Global Health (GH), structured as a two-year master’s program, is intended to prepare health professionals for the practice of global health especially in developing countries. The program focuses on hot spot issues in the public health field in a global context, especially the major challenges including infectious and chronic diseases, environmental pollution, climate change which have been gradually serious in developing countries and also influencing the global politics and economy. The program is to provide the student with competence and tools of strategic planning, professional public health networking, emergency management, and the formulation of public health policy locally and globally while facing health issues challenges around the world, especially in developing countries.


The objective of the program is to offer students with advanced international public health education and practice, through interdisciplinary study, ranging from basic laboratory science to implementation science; to help students find solutions to public health problems in developing countries; and also to equip international students with knowledge of Chinese language and culture, to improve and promote the collaboration and communication between China and other developing countries in the health field.


Faculty of School of Public Health

The school of Public Health, SEU, is one of the experienced international education institutes, which is running postgraduate programs for international students for years. Most of the faculty got training in prestigious universities and institutes in the world and are well qualified in English teaching. The faculty from School of Public Health, SEU, not only enjoys a close partnership with the local government environmental protection departments and centers for disease control and prevention across the whole country, but also comprises experienced overseas visiting professors.

The joint master’s program of Public Health (MPH) of SEU-Monash is the first qualified MPH program, authenticated by Ministry of Education, China.



The applicant must be a bachelor’s (or higher) degree holder of medical, nursing, health, biological or life science-related program from an accredited college or university in the world, and also demonstrates passion and commitment to the field of public health.

The applicants must satisfy one of the following language equivalents

● Graduates from universities of English-speaking countries

● Graduates from universities where English is the official language.

●TOEFL: 80 / IELTS: 6.0 

Important Dates

Application Period: December 1st - April 15th;

Duration of study: 2 years


Required Application Document

●A copy of bachelor’s certificate (original or notarized Chinese/English translation)

●A copy of official transcripts (original or notarized Chinese/English translation)

●A copy of TOEFL/IELTS score report (required for those whose mother language and official language are not English

● A copy of passport 

● Two recommendation letters

● Research Proposal (no less than 800 words)


Fees & Expenses

Application Fee: CNY 400;

Tuition Fee: CNY33, 000;

Annual Accommodation Fee: CNY6,000-8,000[One bed in a double occupancy room]

Insurance Fee: CNY 800

Application Procedure:

Apply on the SEU online application system http://fs.seu.edu.cn

Contact Information:

Admission Office,

College for International Students, Southeast University,

2 Sipailou, Nanjing 210096, P. R. C.

Tel: 0086-25 83793022, 83792797;

Fax: 0086-25 83792737

Email: admission@seu.edu.cn;

website: http://gw.seu.edu.cn/english/