SEU International Students Dorm Regulations


Chapter 1 - General Principles

Article 1 The current SEU International Students Dorm Regulations regulations are applicable to the international students living in SEU’s dorms .

Article 2 SEU’sinternational student dorm is a living and residential area for its international students. Only officially registered international students can enter, other persons without authorization cannot enter.


Chapter 2 – Check-in, Room Changes and Check-out

Article 3 SEU’s on-campus accommodation is only available to the officially enrolled and registered students. Those who have not completed the check-in procedure in time will be considered denying access to the accommodation offered by SEU.

Article 4 Students shall complete the check-in procedure in person with both original passport and the Letter of Accommodation Admission issued by International Students’ Office. Before checking in, students should check the room items, compare with the list of room items provided by the dorm manager, and sign it if the items match the list.

Article 5 Students shall go through the procedures of temporary move-in registration under the guidance of dorm manager within 24 hours after the move-in. Those who have changed the room must go through the procedures of temporary move-in registration again. Those who have moved out of the dorm must go through the procedures of temporary accommodation registration at the local police station within 24 hours after leaving the dorm.

Article 6 One room usually holds two students (exception will be granted for the PhD candidates sponsored by the Chinese Government Scholarship). If one checks out, SEU is authorized to arrange a new student. Students of opposite sex are not allowed to share a room. Married couple may share a room with the permission from SEU.

Article 7 Students are not allowed to change beds without permission or to transfer beds to others, or to keep family or non-student of SEU to live in. Those who need to change the room should apply to the dorm managers and change the room under their guidance. The behavior of occupying a room without authorization, defrauding, transferring, lending, or renting out the room or bed is forbidden.

Article 8 If prescribed study period has not been completed and request for living off campus, students must submit an application for living-off campus to International Students’ Office in advance. Students are not allowed to live off-campus without going through the check-out procedures and living-off campus application procedures. SEU will not provide accommodation under certain circumstances: undergraduate students extend their prescribed study period; doctoral students (6 years maximum) and master students (4 years maximum) have exceeded the maximum length of schooling (subject to the notice from International Students’ Office); non-degree international students have completed the length of schooling. Students who apply for suspension or being off campus for more than 2 months should also check out on time.

Article 9 SEU reserves the right to clean up the dorm and will not be responsible for the loss or damage of students’ personal belongings or other valuables under certain circumstances: students don’t check out on time when the prescribed study period is over; students refuse to check out after SEU has revoked the student’s right to occupy the room; students live out of campus without permission for two months.

Article 10 When a resident checks out, he/she must keep the room clean and in order, clear all the fees, and return the key and access card. The resident shall compensate for the damage on furniture or appliances. The cost of the loss or damage of university property will be shared by all roommates in the same room if it is unable to identify who’s responsible for the loss or damage. The university has the right to clean up any personal belongings left in the dorm after checking out.

Article 11 If SEU needs to adjust apartment arrangement due to apartment maintenance, renovation, construction, etc., residents shall cooperate and obey the arrangement of SEU.


Chapter 3 – Rules and Regulations

Article 12 Students should use the facilities and supplies in the dorm properly. University property should not be damaged, replaced, or removed from rooms. Do not leave marks or scratches on furniture, walls, or appliances. Compensation must be promptly paid at the price in case of violation.

Article 13 Students are required to keep the residential areas and public areas clean. Waste must be dumped in designated areas only. Students are not allowed to place private possessions in public areas (such as public walkway, the stairwell, the hall). Possessions put in public areas for more than 3 days will be considered as waste and be cleaned up by dorm managers. Throwing anything out of the window is strictly prohibited. Heavy objects such as flowerpots are not allowed to be placed by the windowsills. It is not allowed to destroy the planting in the public area of the dorm.

Article 14 In residential areas and public areas, excessive or unnecessary noise is not allowed. No person shall make, produce, or cause a disturbing noise, or allow it to be made, produced, or caused by machines, devices, apparatus or stereo system. Loud music, loud singing, loud parties and shouting may disturb other students and will be seen as a violation. Gambling, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverage or liquor, fighting, or any illegal activities are forbidden in the dorm. Mutual visits are not allowed after 11 pm.

Article 15 Do not lend keys, access cards to other people or let them to be kept by others. Do not duplicate the key or change the lock of the dorm. Students should report to dorm managers once the key is found lost and will be charged for the cost of the new key, access card or repairing the lock. Residents fail to carry the key/access card can ask dorm managers for help. Back-up keys/access cards should be returned within 30 minutes.

Article 16 Students are supposed to report to dorm managers for the repair and replacement of appliances or furniture in rooms. Professionals could be allowed to enter the room accompanied by dorm managers for repairing and maintenance.

Article 17 Students are required to allow university faculty or staff to enter their rooms for special inspections and follow-up visits. The staff conducting the inspections shall inform students ahead of the time upon room inspection.

Article 18 Pets are prohibited in all residential areas.

Article 19 If the student plans to be absent from the dorm for three or more days, this student must notify dorm managers before leaving.

Article 20 Commercial activities and the sale of items are prohibited in the dorm, and all kinds of promotional materials such as posters and advertisements are not allowed to be posted in the dorm without permission.

Article 21 Residents who are suspected or confirmed to have an infectious disease shall promptly report to dorm managers. Those with infectious diseases and suspected diseases shall obey the medical guidance of the hospital and cooperate with the corresponding adjustment of accommodation before being cured or before being ruled out as suspected cases.


Chapter 4 – Financial Regulation

Article 22 Students must pay the dorm fee within 10 days of their arrival. Long-term students (the length of schooling is no less than one academic year) must clear the dorm fee of one year in a lump sum; short-term students must clear all the dorm fee in a lump sum according to the actual length of schooling. Water bill and electric bill must be paid at the time set by dorm managers.

Chapter 5 - Safety

Article 23 Students must lock doors and windows before leaving the room. Please keep expensive items in safe place and keep the door key/access card with you after leaving the room.

Article 24 Be aware of fire safety, do not damage fire-fighting equipment. Keep emergency exits clear. Open flames and cooking in room are forbidden. Any above activities found should be reported to dorm managers in time.In case of dormitory fire and other accidents caused by personal reasons, the responsible person shall take full responsibility, compensate for the loss, and accept all punishment.

Article 25 Be careful when using electrical appliances attached to power. Switch off all the electrical appliances before leaving the room. It is forbidden to store or use disallowed electrical appliances in the room, and charge the disallowed electrical appliances. Disallowed electrical appliances that students possess, carry, store, and use will be kept by dorm managers. Temporary installation of electrical wires, appliances or replacement of lamps without permission is prohibited. Reconstruction and change of water and electrical system in dorm without permission is prohibited. Do not connect extra patch panels from the room to the public area, such as charging an e-bike. Don’t connect wires from outside to the room. Disallowed electrical appliances include:

(1) Superpower electrical appliances above 800W (except electrical appliances provided by SEU).

(2) Electrical appliances without automatic power-off protection device.

(3) Electric appliances without China Compulsory Certification.

(4) Electrical appliances not suitable for use in the dorm designated by dorm managers.

Article 26 Keeping or using any illegal drugs, restricted knives or things and other sharp tools, firearms and other dangerous weapons, combustible, explosive, radioactive, toxic, and corrosive substances in the dorm are strictly prohibited.

Article 27 Students are forbidden to engage in illegal trade or crime activities. Drug trafficking and dealing, drug abuse, gambling, prostitution, pyramid selling, and illegal currency exchange are strictly prohibited.

Article 28 Religious activities and wearing religious heresy costumes are prohibited in the dorm. All the students’ gather-together activities with 4 or more students in the dorm must be approved by dorm managers and International Students’ Office.

Article 29 It is forbidden for body collision games, climbing over walls (fences), climbing trees, etc. in the dorm areas. All kinds of behaviors that endanger personal safety are prohibited.

Article 30 Couriers and delivery men are not allowed to enter the dorm.

Chapter 6 – Violations and Sanctions

SEU will impose corresponding punishments on those who have violated the dorm regulations. If any loss and damage of public property or other’s property is caused by the violation, the violator should make corresponding compensation.Whether the residents comply with the above regulations or not will be regarded as one of the important criteria for the annual scholarship evaluation.


Article 31 SEU may terminate a student’s accommodation qualification for any of the following activities.

(1) Students who conduct any illegal activities.

(2) Students who violate the fire safety policy; students who possess or use combustible, explosive, radioactive, toxic, and corrosive substances; students who possess or use disallowed electrical appliances and cause accidents; students who carry controlled knives, firearms and weapons into the residential area.

(3) Willful and serious destruction of university property.

(4) Students disturbing public order or posing a threat of substantial harm to the public safety.

(5) Students renting or transferring their rooms to others without permission leading to impairment or death, loss of private possessions, or causing other serious outcomes by hosting unauthorized persons.

(6) Students who maliciously violate the Student Visa or accommodation regulations.

(7) Students who refuse to pay accommodation fee, water bill or electric bill after being noticed by dorm managers.

(8) Those who do not cooperate with, verbally abuse or beat the dorm managers and administrators.

(9) Make noises more than twice in the residential area.


Chapter 7 – Appendix

Article 32 The College of International Students (CIS) is responsible for the interpretation of the present SEU International Students Dorm Regulations .