Attendance & Excused Absences


Attendance & Excused Absences


Attendance is generally taken for all lectures, tests and examinations, and other academic activities. Students should always be in attendance and if a student need to miss class, he  or she should request an excused absence in advance. Missing class and without a previously  granted excused absence will be considered skipping class (unexcused absence). The  university will penalize students with unexcused absences according to university policy.

Those who miss more than a third of their total classes for any given course, will be unworthy  to take the final test for that class and will receive a failing grade.

Excused Absences

International students must seek approval of absence from the International Students office. You will need to inform  them your reason for missing class and your scheduled activities while you are gone.

Directions for Obtaining Excused Absence Approval

1. Download and fill out the “Excused Absence Form” from

2. The Excused Absence Form must be signed and stamped by your respective department and should be filed at your department office.

3. After receiving approval for absence, report to International Students office. Those students who need to leave the Chinese mainland should deliver the Excused Absence Form to the International Students office so that your return visa might be obtained. 

Types of Excused Absences

1. Illness: If class is missed due to illness, students must obtain a doctor’s notice.   Absences under a week long must receive approval from the International Students office while absences exceeding a week must be approved by the Dean of their respective department in advance. Those who do not receive approval are considered unexcused. 

 2. Personal: International students who are  absent for less than a week need to seek approval from the international students office. For an absence of more than a week, they must get approval from  the Dean of his/her department in advance.