Examinations & Grades


Examinations & Grades


International students must take all quizzes and/or examinations required by their courses.   If they have to miss an exam, they must  take a makeup test. 

Those who were not given permission ahead of time to miss an exam will receive a zero for their grade on that particular exam.

Grading Assessment

Grades will be given by percentages. Scores above 60% will count as a passing grade.  Some classes are to be taken on a for pass/fail basis. Passing grades will be counted for academic units. Classroom participation, performance, homework, quiz and midterm grades all count  towards the cumulative final grade. The final exam is only a part of the final grade. 

If a student fails a compulsory class, he or she must retake the failed course. If it is an elective course, the student may select to retake the course. Students may retake a course no more than twice. The final grade for any repeated course will be from the last time the student enrolled in that class.

Performance on Exams and Grades Have the Following Effects on Your Degree:

Undergraduate  international students who fail 60% of their required and  controlled-elective courses will be dismissed from the university.

Undergraduate international students who fail 15 credits worth of required and  controlled-elective courses taken more than once will be also be asked to leave the school.

Undergraduates whose repeated classes total 8 or more will not be eligible to receive  their bachelor’s degree. Graduate students who after repeating a required or controlled-elective course still do  not pass or who do not obtain sufficient credits for their period of study will be dismissed from the university.