​Safety Instructions


Nanjing is an ancient and modern community for international students from all around the world. While you experiencing the fantastic culture here, personal and property safety should be a top priority in mind. The following cases had happened to international students in the recent years in China. It will be helpful to learn lessons from it.

Personal safety

Life is precious

January 23rd 2010, an international student in thin clothes has been found by a passer-by on the roadside in the mid-night. He eventually died in hospital, which brought great pain to the family and the university.


  • We strongly recommend that international students do not leave the residence building after 11 o’clock at night.

  • Try to go out with a companion rather than go out alone.

  • Keep in constant contact with your friends and schoolmates. Inform your dormitory manager or International Office if anything abnormal.

  • Dial 110 to report to the police when in difficulties.

Excessive drinking

An international student has been found dead in an off-campus apartment in 2009. A police investigation showed that his death was caused by excessive drinking.


  • Excessive drinking is harmful to physical and mental health.

  • Excessive drinking is forbidden.

  • Crimes related to excessive drinking leads to heavy penalty up to expulsion.

Fire prevention

December 2007, in an International Student Residence dormitory, Qingdao, several international students broke the regulation by smoking in the room. The cigarette butts fired the curtains and carpets. The fire did not cause casualty because of instant fire control, but the impact of this accident was very serious.  


  • Do not smoke indoors, including the teaching buildings, dormitories or other public places. Do not litter cigarette butts when smoke outdoors.

  • Cooking should be done in the public kitchen of the dormitory building. Use of high-power electric appliance in room is strictly prohibited.

  • Damage to the indoor and outdoor fireproofing facilities is strictly prohibited.

  • Fire alarm: 119

Traffic safety

October 2007, an international student bumped into a passer-by while riding motorcycle. He was detained by the police and asked to be responsible for all the medical expenses of the victim. The university decided to expel him due to his violation of the law.

April 2011, two international students died due to drunk driving and furious driving.


  • Riding motorcycle or electric bicycle on road is at high risk in a busy city like Nanjing.

  • Riding motorcycle without license is illegal for international students in Nanjing.

  • Drunk driving, furious driving or driving without a license will receive heavy penalty up to expulsion.

Property Security

Loss of bank card

Loss of bank card may cause significant property damage for international students. October 2008, an international student left his card in the cash machine after withdrawing money. His money in the account had been stolen by others and his lost would not be able to returned.


  • Keep your bank card and PIN in safe and do not release any related information to others.

  •  Immediately report the loss to the bank, re-submit a new card and inform International Office of the new card number.

  • When bank card is swallowed by cash machines due to operational errors, go to the bank with your passport.

Loss of personal belongings

May 2008, an international student placed her laptop in the dormitory and left the room with the door unlocked. Her laptop has found stolen when she was back to the room.


  • Keep your computers, mobile phones, cash or other valuables in safe places.

  • Make sure your door is locked when you leave

  • Inform the dormitory managers when any suspicious strangers linger around the buildings.

  • If property damage happens, immediately notify your dormitory manager or call the university security department (52090110 Jiulonghu Campus, 83793110 Sipailou Campus, 83272438 Dingjiaqiao Campus, 85325416 Xiaozhuang Campus) or dial 110 for a similar situation off-campus.


May 5th 2009, an international student received a strange message which was mistaken as a message from the landlord for rent. July 28th, she deposited 2,000 yuan to the SMS provided account in Chaoyang District Construction Bank. Her lost would not be recovered.

June 2010, a Vietnamese international student paid directly to the internet seller’s personal account when purchasing electronic products. After he paid the money, the seller disappeared and 6,000 yuan was lost.


  • Message, telephone and internet fraud is relatively common phenomenon which should be taken alert.

  • According to very serious money issues, it will be helpful to contact your friends and family for advice in order to avoid being cheated.

  • Do choose a safe payment method when shopping online.

  • Think twice before transferring money to a stranger.

  • Alarm Call: 110


May 2010, a female international student left her phone in a taxi. The driver asked a reward for the return of her lost phone. The negotiation didn’t go smooth and the agreement was not achieved. The student and her friends forced to search the taxi driver and took his phone instead. After the police’s investigation, the international students who have been involved in this circumstance were responsible for the driver’s medical expenses and the mobile phone damage costs.


  • When you have a dispute with others, please dial 110.

  • Disputes should be settled down with senses. Keep calm and ask for advice.

Regulations and Laws

Drink & Fight

March 2009, after drinking excessively at late night in a bar, several international students injured the bar security and smashed the bar door and vehicle in the conflict. The students were detained by the police for further investigation. They were announced to be responsible for a compensation nearly ten thousand yuan for the victim’s medical expenses and repair fee. They also received an expulsion from the university.


  • No alcohol abuse.

  • Students who violated the law or regulation will be heavily punished, expelled or deported from China.


On the evening of January 12th 2010, six international students suspected of gambling in a university in Beijing were arrested on the spot and were seized about 18,000 Yuan gamble fund. One of those six international students was the organizer and another one was the dealer. They have been detained for criminal charges by the police. The remaining four students who have involved in gambling were also detained due to the violation of regulation. After their release, they were expelled from university and they were deported from China within a short time.


December 4th 2009, an international student from a university in Beijing engaged in prostitution behavior in Changping was seized on the spot. According to the public security regulation, he was detained for 15 days by the police and expelled from the university afterward. His stay in China has been shortened and he was deported from the country.


April 10th 2009, two international students from a university in Beijing were arrested due to stealing of a motorcycle. They were detained by the police and expelled from the university after releasing. Their stay in China was shortened.

Drug trafficking

May 14th 2009, in a silver Mercedes car in Haidian District Shangri-La parking lot, together with a Chinese woman, an international student from a university in Beijing was selling 2 Small bag of cocaine and 10 bags of marijuana at the price of 2600. They were being caught on the spot. The police detained them with criminal charge.


April 2011, an international student was arrested by the police for having drug, his studentship was canceled and he was deported from the country.


July 16th 2009, in Haidian District, an international student from a university in Beijing snatched one Chinese woman's handbag while riding a motorcycle. There were 200 Yuan and a Samsung mobile phone in the bag. Later he was captured and the police detained him with criminal charge. 


September 11th 2009, an international student from a university in Beijing, who was living in the Wangjing area of residence, raped his online friend. Later he was being seized and the police detained him with criminal charge. 


  • All actions above are illegal in China. The offenders will be subjected to Chinese legal sanctions and will be expelled from the school and territory.

Passport and Visa

December 2007, an international student allowed his girlfriend live in the student dormitory without inspection. She lived illegally with no registration allowance and also been found that her visa was expired. After being detained by the police, this girl was deported from China and the university also expelled the male student for punishment.

May 2009, a student accidentally lost his passport, a timely re-submit avoided further damage.

June 2009, an international student was found with an expired visa up to 6 years and 6 months, which seriously violated the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Entry and Exit Administration of Foreigners”. The student was detained and deported from China immediately.


  • International students must register to the territorial police station within 24 hours after arrival. Students who live on campus must register with your dorm manager once you have finished the registration with International Office. Students who live off-campus must register your address to the police station and the university office. Students who live off-campus should re-register with International Office within 24 hours after changing your accommodation address.

  • Overstay with an expired visa will be punished by the police or even expelled.

  • It is strictly prohibited to accommodate others in campus dormitory. Violation leads to strict penalty.

  • Passport loss should be immediately reported to the university office and the embassy. A re-submit is highly recommended at the embassy.

  • Contact the university International Office within one week after receiving your new passport for supplementing residence permit application.

  • Keep a constant check of the validity of your passport, visa and residence permit. Contact the university International Office 30 days before the expiration and apply for an extension.

Living & Culture Tips

  • Do not limit your communication among students from your own country.

  • Strengthen your communication with others, in particular with the Chinese students to enhance your language and culture understanding.

  • Actively participate in a variety of school activities and promote cultural exchange and self- development.