Recruitment Notice for 2019 International Student Ambassadors


Dear allwelcome toapply for the position of International Student Ambassador.


1,  AssistSEU in the orientation services for new students and daily students affairs’ services.

2, Assist SEU to organize activities for students.

3, AssistSEU to deal with some emergencies.

4, The service duration is 1 year.


1, The selected candidate will be issued with an InternationalStudent Ambassador Certificate.

2, Theambassadors who have completed duties will be issued with a certificate ofhonor when the one-year-term is over.

3, During the term, ambassadors will be givenpriority in evaluation of honors and scholarships.

4, Ambassadors have the priority to participate in various activitiesof SEU.

Application requirements

1, Students in the last year of the programduration are not allowed to apply.

2, In the past year, the applicants should havemade outstanding contributions to the services students for SEU, participatedin volunteer activities, or have special skills in sports and performance.

3, The applicants should be academicallyqualified.

4, There should be no violation of laws of Chinaand disciplines of SEU.

Application materials

1, Download the form online, fill it in and printit 学生大使申请表.docx.

2, A letter of recommendation from a faculty ofyour college, your advisor or from CIS.

3, A copy of your transcript of the past year orsemester.

4. Recommendation from the dormitory managers. (Onlyapplicable to students who live on Campus)to be completed in application form

5, The above materials should be submitted toRM302 of CIS.

Application deadline