From Belarus With Love


At this moment when the entire world is in face of the epidemic, Staff and students from Confucius Institute at Minsk State Linguistic University extend their regards to Chinese people. They expressed their concerns to China in the following video. 

On behalf of the University, Miss Tatyana, Foreign head of Confucius Institute at Minsk State Linguistic University said in the video, “We are here to represent Confucius Institute at Minsk State Linguistic University to send our sincerely greetings from Republic of Belarus. We are very sorry for China’s recent situation. We stand together with China! We believe in China! We believe that China will finally overcome all the difficulties! Best wishes to China!”

The Chinese teacher and students from Minsk State Linguistic University also expressed their regards to Chinese people and their appreciation to the efforts of the Chinese government in curbing the spread and impact of the virus. They extended their wish for victory in China’s fight against the epidemic.

Confucius Institute at Minsk State Linguistic University, established by the Minsk State Linguistic University and Southeast University was officially set up in 2011. And Wu Bangguo, the then Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress attended the launch ceremony. As a “Confucius Institute of the Year”, many honors have been obtained by Confucius Institute at Minsk State Linguistic University. Shi Ling, Chinese head of Confucius Institute at Minsk State Linguistic University, was granted “outstanding contribution award for promoting education between China and Belarus” by Ministry of Education of Belarus in 2019.

All men are brothers. At this special moment when everyone works hand-in-hand to overcome the difficulty, supports from international organizations encourage us to win this “war” with more confidence.