Message from International Community in China


Hey guys,

Hey guys,My name is Sami from Pakistan and I am Ph.D. scholar at Southeast University. As you know these days everyone is scare, worried, experiencing mental stress and anxiety due to the epidemic. But I am very impressed by the Chinese nation, Chinese government and the commitment show by the common people. I am more than confident that together the Chinese government and we can control and curb this situation.
I must say the Chinese government has prevented the whole world by early identification and locking down the cities and provinces which were initially struck by this outbreak and the method that have adopted for collective strictly and by doing so the Chinese government not only safeguarded the health and safety of the Chinese people but the global population.
So, being as an international community in China, we need to support the local authorities, the Chinese government and if possible, we can volunteer to support our school and the local respond team because this is a natural disaster in China but China is not alone in this war. Actually, this is a war of humanity against this virus and this is not the first-time humanity is facing such kind of epidemics, we have faced pandemics which are more global than this in past. And trust me humanity has always win the war against natural disasters we can win this one as well. So, what we need to do is to support, encourage and help the Chinese government, local authorities our school because this is a fight in which China is not alone.
Being as an international community we stand with China and we must win this war and when we win YOU will proud of yourself because you stand with China you stand with humanity.
Wuhan Fighting, Long Live China.