The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Expressed Appreciation to Southeast University


The outbreak of COVID-2019 in China at the end of 2019 has arisen international concerns and worries about the health of their citizens in China. On Feb. 4, the College of International Students in Southeast University received an email from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), asking the school to help Pakistani students in China. During the Spring Festival, a total of 211 Pakistani students stayed in China. In order to protect their physical and mental health, the College of International Students has adopted a series of epidemic prevention measures, including closed-off campus management, provision of adequate supplies for epidemic prevention, authentic Muslim dining services, psychological counseling and online teaching resources, etc..

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistani knew from various channels that Southeast University provided assistances and services to Pakistani students during the epidemic. Therefore, Dr. Fateh Marri, Executive Chairman of the Commission recorded a special video on Feb. 21 to express his appreciations. In the video, Dr Fateh Marri said, “On behalf of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, I would like to appreciate Southeast University for its assistance provided to Pakistani international students. I believe that Southeast University has provided strong supports to our Pakistani students after the epidemic outbreak. They took care of Pakistani students and provided logistic services. Of course, all of these attributes to the friendship between China and Pakistan and the close cooperation between the education departments of China and Pakistan. Finally, on behalf of the Higher Education Commission, I’d like to appreciate Chinese universities for providing scholarship to Pakistani students.”

At the same time, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistansent an email to us indicating “we firmly believe that Chinese central government, the local governments and Chinese institutions of higher education have adopted adequate measures to control the virus dissemination, and we believe that China will soon declare the victory over COVID-19.”