Non-suspension of classes | Learning experience from four excellent students




Knowledge knows no boundaries, and students from all over the world come to Southeast University for the same dream. How to better adapt to the new environment when you are in a foreign country? How to deal with the impact of cultural differences? How to achieve academic success? Let’s take a look at the experience of these four students.

1.LIANG TONG TIE (池亮桐) Malaysia


2018 undergraduate in School of Medicine, taught in Chinese. The average score is 83, the highest score in a single subject is 99.



In addition to pursuing better education conditions and learning new knowledge when I chose to study in China, I also wanted to broaden my horizons and learn about cultural knowledge about China. So I expected to study abroad a lot. At first, I felt that I could not integrate into the new collective, but when I took the first step and took the initiative to talk to my classmates, the gap between me and Chinese classmates would disappear. When you are on the street, you can smile at the oncoming passers-by, showing kindness to them. With a correct mentality, you will naturally fit into the environment here.


Learning in a non-native language, I believe this is the biggest challenge that almost all international students face in the learning process. Language is an interesting thing, the more you use it, the more you will get used to it. We can talk with Chinese classmates in life or watch more related online teaching videos to improve our Chinese language level.


Of course, we have a certain gap in learning level with Chinese students, so naturally we must pay more time and energy to keep up with the progress of teachers and students. Taking me as an example, my general learning mode is: preview before class, highlight key points during class, do exercises after the class, and review the knowledge points that have been learned. The school will regularly hold some lectures or give some Q & A on advanced mathematics, C language, college physics, etc. It is a rare opportunity for international students to participate.


I will also go to MOOC after class to see other instructional videos or search some question banks in Baidu Wenku to review. This has become a daily effective learning mode to me. This is also a lesson I learned after I came to China, which is to make good use of network resources. In my spare time, I usually participate in school activities with my Chinese classmates. I also chat with other international students and share each other's life.


Now due to the epidemic, we can only meet with teachers and classmates online. Although I, as a member of the medical school, can't make much contribution, the only thing I can do is obey the school's arrangements and instructions.


I believe that China's advanced medical technology will definitely survive this difficult time. And I am looking forward to the day when we return to school. Stay strong, China!




2017 graduate student in School of Architecture, score averaged at 81. 

Awarded ”Green Talent Award“from the German Federal Ministry of Education in 2019.


In my first year of being in china , I studied Chinese language and I must say that my basic knowledge of the Chinese language and a constant communication with Chinese course-mates and Chinese friends I randomly meet at events have played a significant role in helping me to adapt to life china and to deal with the cultural differences .

I believe southeast University which is a home for many international students provides a perfect platform for us to study in order to reach our full capacity . In addition, I believe that hardwork , commitment and perseverance are requisite skills needed to be able to excel in our academic pursuit here in China. Also , adherence to the direction and guidance of my professor Zhang Meiying in my research work has enabled be to come this far .  

3. IQBAL, SAMI(科博)Pakistani








2017 PhD student in School of Electronic Science & Engineering, majoring in renewable energy materials for photovoltaics

Member of “International Communication Department” ICD

Teaching Assistant (TA) for one year to teach English (written & spoken) to master student at SEU.

Attend 2 international scientific conference as presenter

Publish more than 10 (SCI and EI) research and review articles both 1st author and as co-author. Found the Southeast University Research Forum (SURF) 

Take part 3 times in dragon boat festival and wins medals all 3 times as runner up team.

Volunteer to help the school in taking care of the foreign students living on campus at dormitory during the COVD-19 epidemic.


I came to china in September 2015 as Master student in Southeast University. It was an amazing experience to study my postgraduate at such a prestigious institute where is not only learn but I also have a chance to explore and learn about other countries culture, languages and customs. Which make me more a versatile kind of person. I have learned how to accept and adjust myself with other people coming from different parts of the world while adopting to their culture and customs.

The culture and customs I experience here in Nanjing and Jiangsu is extra ordinary the people are very friendly and welcoming. I am living and studying in Nanjing since September 2015 and the feeling is still as excited and energetic as it was on my arrival to Nanjing in 2015.My working experience as a researcher at Southeast University is very great and I learn a lot with my colleagues not just the scientific research but my group mates and colleagues help in practicing my Chinese language and also, they teach me and let me experience the Chinese culture.

Besides educational activities I personally love to take part in extra curricular activities such as volunteering, sports, social and other recreational activities.

Since I came to China, I love travelling mostly to country side place. I love how people and governments preserve the nature and its beauty in the country side. Well maybe I grown up in country side playing in my family farms and walking with my grandfather in our farms. Checking the crops and ripe fruits in our farms.Secondly, I love the Chinese food specifically the Hotpot, Egg noodles, Beef noodles, Fish, Fish dumpling, Xinjiang BBQ, Green tea. While traveling in to china’s country side the nature and green scenic spots always indulge me in their beauty and since then I have improved my photography skills. 

At this special time, I spend my time mostly in finishing my pending tasks such as writing about my most recent research experiments and it was amazing, I finish my new research article from scratch to complete article in just 30 days (Feb 01 to March 02). Even I haven’t been so efficient in normal days. This is how I learn the art of how to direct the negative energy (thoughts) into a specific useful direction and make it bring positive and useful outcomes.

When I feel tired and bored sometimes of writing my research article, thesis and social media. I try to find some entertainment and the first choice I have is movies, in the last month I have watched all of the movies that were on my top list. It gives me time to relax my mind and divert my thoughts and worries into a fun and whole new world of entertainment. I will share a list of some if you are interested in checking your perception and sharpen your critical thinking.

Well, to be honest, I have improve my cooking skills to next level because sometimes when I can sleep I like to try something new to eat and spend my time in kitchen to cook something special which we always refer to as “Midnight Snack” it gives me pleasure and its fun trying to cook something new these days due to limited supplies I try my best to come up with an idea to cook some new Chinese dish or some of my mom recipe, I remember from childhood. I feel very happy to share it with my friends on WeChat and Facebook.

Every one of us misses our school, our working office and our smelly laboratories where we perform our research experiments. I am waiting impatiently to go to my laboratory and study office to perform my pending experiments. To have a chat with my colleagues, to prepare my new proposal for a research project, to run, exercise and play badminton with friends. I am sure all of you will be thinking and feeling the same way as me. I hope we all will go to school and our laboratories very soon.

I am confident that soon we will enjoy the plum blossom, the beautiful spring, magnificentpurple mountain, colorful Xuanwu lake and all the amazing things that we love about Nanjing. We will see the old ladies dancing in the streets square the cute and naughty kids playing in the parks. Very soon the colorful and joyful life will be back to Nanjing and SEU.













2016 PhD student in School of Medicine, majoring in Gastroenterology.

A trainee doctor in Zhong Da hospital

Member of “International Communication Department” ICD

Participate in“Outstanding SEU student Competition”

Represent SEU in the conferences held in Beijing by CSC as a Phd student and another conference held by Jiangsu education board.

Interviewed by many National news agencies and broadcasted in the national CCTV.

Awarded 4th placein the International technical audio-video competition in DDW 2017, USA with his team.

A member of organizing committee of Society of gastroenterologists and Interventionalist (SGI) in 2017. 

Publish 6 SCI and non SCI research papers and first author and co-authors. 

Donate blood for 8 times in Zhongda Hospital and other Red cross Society designated blood donation center. 

A voluntary doctor in Zhong Da hospital in this epidemic time.


Being a foreign student, miles away from home in a new country, it’s always a new experience and challenge. At first it is a strange place but gradually it turns out to be like your second home. In China, the most fascinating things for me are a warm welcome, good education, tasty cuisine and convenient and safe social environment. But as a foreigner, the most challenging parts are the language and culture. 

1.Language: Chinese language, being one of the toughest in the world, is definitely not easy to learn. But to live in China and communicate with local people, we should learn Chinese language. By learning Chinese language we can learn more about china, use the different resources and facilities of China. Being a medical student and need to train in hospital, language is one of the key factor to learn. Because we need to communicate with the patients, do the examinations and prescribe the medicines and without the language it is almost impossible. When you communicate then only you can make new Chinese friends.

2.Culture: China is rich in culture. It has many culture, traditions and festivals. It is very necessary to understand  and respect the culture of China. We need to enjoy the culture and celebrate the festivals together with the citizens. Another, fascinating part is the “food culture” of China. China is a huge country with many tribes and the tastes and food cuisine are different in different parts of China. So, we can enjoy different tastes. We should know about the ingredients of the food as some food may be usual dish in your country and you may not be accustomed to it specially meat and seafood.

3.Study: Being a student, you need to be faithful, studious and punctual. The punctuality in the class is very necessary in China. China being an advanced country and have established new advanced education system, it is an opportunity for us to study in such advanced and well developed curriculum. Chinese teachers are very friendly and helpful so we shouldn’t hesitate to communicate with the teachers but we should always give respect to the teachers. Being a Phd student, I have an opportunity to do the research in lab. The labs are well equipped with new equipments which give you ease to perform experiments. Also, supervisor gives us grant so that we can buy required reagents and materials in the lab. Medicine is very advanced in china and as a student, I had opportunity to learn many diseases, new modes of treatment and diagnosis which is not possible in my own country.

4.Scholarship: China government provides many scholarships. So, we can apply the suitable scholarship and need to fulfill the requirements to get the scholarship such as good marks in examination, good discipline, etc.

5.Law: Being a foreigner, we are abided by the law of the country and as a student law of the university. We should be well known to the law and respect the law. Avoid some mishaps as laws are different in different countries. Another important thing as a foreigner is we need visa to stay, so we should always keep in mind about the validity of the visa.

6.Convenience: Life in China is very convenient and safe. Specially, high speed internet, online shopping and payment, big convenient stores, good environment all contribute to easy life. There are plenty of parks in the city to maintain greenery where we can stroll and enjoy the greenery and get fresh air.

7.Harmony: we should always maintain harmony. As Chinese people are very friendly and warm-hearted, we can always make friends. We can share the cultures of our country too. Always make harmonious relations with Chinese friends and International friends.

There is one saying in Chinese “入乡随俗” which means to get along with wherever and whatever. So, we should follow this saying.


Hope the experience of these four students can help you in some way. You’re welcome to leave a message in the message area if you would like to share your experiences! In this special period, although classes have been suspended, learning has never stopped. This special way of online classes keeps us learning. Spring has come with everything reviving. It's getting closer and closer to the date when we can finally meat each other. At that time, it is sure that we’ll have more words to tell, more experiences to share. We expect to see you beside the Jiulong lake, lotus pond and chat with you in front of the library!