MAYTHAM SAAD MOHAMMAD AL-JOBURI ,a SEUer donates 2,000 facial masks to SEU and the Exit-Entry Administration of Nanjing Public Security Bureau


On March 2, MAYTHAM SAAD MOHAMMAD AL-JOBURI, an undergraduate student from the School of Architecture, Iraq, entrusted LICO, RENARDO , an Albanian master studentwho stays in Nanjing to donate 2,000 surgical masks to the Southeast University and Exit-Entry Administration of Nanjing Public Security Bureau.

The epidemic in China is a big concern to international students at Southeast University. When learning that masks and other epidemic prevention materials were in short supply in China, MAYTHAM SAAD MOHAMMAD AL-JOBURI who is on vacation in Brazil, was very concerned about SEU teachers and classmates, and immediately asked his father who is working in Guangzhou to buy masks. Due to the epidemic, masks at home and abroad have been completely sold out. Finally, they contacted a friend in Turkey to buy 2,000 masks, and overcome the difficulties of customs clearance and physical distribution to send the masks back to Nanjing.

MAYTHAM SAAD MOHAMMAD AL-JOBURI has lived in China for more than ten years and has regarded China as his second home. He said: Every country will encounter difficulties. I grew up in China, and China has always been with me. Now China is in trouble, I will help. I believe China can handle everything.” Regarding the donation to the Exit-Entry Administration of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, MAYTHAM SAAD MOHAMMAD AL-JOBURI said that the public security in Nanjing is very important. He is very happy to be able to help them, and help the government at the same time.

As the university with the largest number of international degree students in Nanjing, southeast university adheres to the policy of “first-class benchmarking, improving quality and efficiency” with the strong support from Exit-Entry Administration of Nanjing Public Security Bureau in policy guidance, regulations promotion, and visa application. The full-process, multi-channel, and informationized management mode for international student has contiuously been rated as the Advanced Unit for Nanjing International Students' Entry-Exit Management Work. Last year, initiated by Southeast University, the Bureau’s first “Legal Education Course with Credit” has become a popular course among the international students.

The Exit-Entry Administration of Nanjing Public Security Bureau is very touched by the international students’ kind behavior. They express that they will do their job better and give better services to Nanjing citizens!