Meet us Online for 2020 SEU Chinese Language Summer Programs


Since 2008, Southeast University (SEU) has opened 4-week Chinese language Summer Programs for Chinese learning and cultural experiences organized by College of International Students, SEU, which are well received by international students. This year, affected by COVID-19, SEU will launch the online Chinese Language Summer Programs.

1. Introduction

The SEU Chinese Language Summer Programs are organized by College of International Students, SEU for those learning Chinese as a second language. This summer, the courses will be taught online for Chinese learners with beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. The class size will be 5 to 15 students per class and the programs will include courses as well as lectures on Chinese society, economy, history, culture and traditional physical training (in Chinese or English).

2. Course arrangement

Courses: Comprehensive Chinese

Oral Chinese

Chinese Culture

Chinese Writing (Intermediate or Advanced)

Chinese Reading (Intermediate or Advanced)

Calligraphy (pen or writing brush)

HSK Tutoring

Note: every course has a teaching assistant to tutor participants.

Lectures: Chinese society

Chinese Economy

Chinese History

Chinese Culture

Traditional Physical Training (Baduanjin Exercise)

Platform: Zoom

Rain Classroom

Time: Course will be taught online Monday to Thursday and Friday afternoon and lectures are arranged Friday morning.

Assessment: The final grade of a participant is the calculated sum of course grade, classroom performance and final grade. Those who pass will receive a certificate of the SEU Chinese Language Summer Program.

3.Special Courses

Calligraphy (hard-pen or writing brush): the teacher will introduce the norms of character writing, the structures of characters, and ask students to continually write the basic characters. The participants have to finish the lecture task and homework, after which the teacher will review the writing and provide relevant personal guidance.

Baduanjin Exercise: the traditional Baduanjin include 8 interdependent steps. The teacher will teach the participants 8 mnemonic rhymes and demonstrate how to practice the exercise step by step.

4、application procedure

Application Qualification: foreigners interested in Chinese language and culture.

Application period:Jun.10-Jul. 26, 2020.

Online application:

Study period:

Session A: Jul.6 - Jul. 31, 2020;

Session B: Aug. 3 - Aug.28, 2020.

Application materials: copy of passport, HSK certificate or other Chinese language certificate for intermediate and advanced program.


Tuition: 1600 RMB(Electronic Textbook included)

The university’s bank information:;

Notes: The program will open when the number of applicants exceeds 5 for each session.

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