2020 SEU Scholarship Annual Review


             2020 年东南大学学校奖学金年审通知


2020 年的SEU奖学金年审已经开始。受到疫情的影响,今年我校采用网上评审的方式。请各位按以下要求认真完成。

1、下载SEU奖学金年度评审表 校奖年审表.zip,并认真填写完成,完成后把 word 版电子表格发送到cis@seu.edu.cn 邮箱。未提交材料者,一律视为年审不通过。






5、年审材料提交截止日期:2020 710日。



2020 72


               2020 SEU Scholarship Annual Review

July 2nd ,2020


Dear SEU scholarship students,


2020 SEU scholarship annual review has begun now. Due to the recent COVID-

19epidemicsituation,thisyear’sannualreviewwilltakeonlineevaluationmethod. Please complete it carefully according to the followingrequirements.

  1. Download the Form for Annual Review 校奖年审表.zip, and complete it carefully. Submit your completedform(inWORDformat)tocis@seu.edu.cn.Thosewhofailtosubmit

this form shall be deemed to have failed the annual review.


  1. Complete the SEU Health Daily Report. You are advised to finish it on Wechat program on yourcellphoneviatheWechatofficialaccountof ”东大信息化”. Please find the details of the Health Report System onhttp://webplus.seu.edu.cn/_s48/2020/0331/c13954a322593/page.psp

  2. We will receive your transcript from the Teaching Affairs Department directly. Your daily behavior performance and completion of Form for Annual Review, will be an important basis for your annual result. Therefore, we advise you to take it seriously.

  3. Students who apply for the extension of the scholarship period must firstly follow the above steps and pass this annualreview.

  4. The deadline of submission will be July 10th2020.


Thank you for your cooperation, we wish you all a greater achievement on your study and research, also wish you good health!



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