Competition on Garbage Classification Held on Nov 18


After the successful seminar on waste generation, types and management, College of International Students(CIS) of Southeast University held a competition on Garbage Classification, which helps students to learn about recycling. Students from all three campuses participated.

The event was divided into three parts. The first one was a Self-Assessment, in which students were given several multiple-choice questions, and they have to finish it within a specific time. The second part was a quick response activity, in which the students were asked different questions, and those who responded quickly and correctly were given presents. The third segment was a discussion part in which Dr. Tauseef Ahmad (Ph.D. in Public Health) shared his knowledge on the Garbage Classification.       

In the Discussion part, Dr. Tauseef Ahmad focuses more on Public Health and explains why garbage classification greatly influences community health.

At the end of the activity, the prizes were distributed to the students who got first, second and third positions in the self-assessment section. The respected Dean of CIS awarded the prizes among the students. Anupam won the third prize, Asikia won the second prize, and Cristina won the first prize.