Language Exchange Event Held in Jiulonghu Campus


On Wednesday, Dec 9th, the College of International Students and School of Life Science and Technology held the language exchange program. 40 students, including local and international students, participated in this activity. The main goal was to create a platform for helping Chinese students prepare for College English Test Band 4 (CET-4). This was a chance to share other language-related knowledge as well. Similarly, this event encouraged mutual communication among participants in Chinese especially in the second session named Chinese corner.

The activity was held in Jiulonghu campus and continued for two hours. The first session (7pm to 8pm) was allocated to the English language. The session began by dividing the local students into groups according to the topic of interest namely Hobbies, Travel Experience, SEU Students' Life and Holidays. Some international students were assigned to each particular group. After introducing each other, the international students helped Chinese students revise the writings of their composition.



The second session of the activity (8pm-9pm) was the Chinese corner. The local Chinese students helped international students to practice communication in Chinese.

During the two hours, participants got a chance to know each other and shared a constructive dialogue.



This activity was a valuable opportunity for students to improve their target language skills and acquire friendship that will enhance their language learning. The students expressed their gratitude towards the organizers for such an amazing activity.