Mental Health Lecture Held on Jan 18


On the 18th of January, the international students of SEU were invited to attend a lecture on mentalhealth. The topic of the lecture was Common Mental Health Issues under the Impact of COVID-19 and its remedy. The lecture was presented by Mr. Wang Yu, a new teacher at SEU with a Masters’ degree in Counseling Psychology and Science in Psychometrics. 26 students took part in the lecture and 25 students watched live stream on Tencent Meeting.

During the lecture, Mr. Wang started with showing a result of a recent survey of international students in China that said the prevalence of anxiety and depression were 37.8% and 59.4% respectively. He briefly highlighted the risks and symptoms of anxiety and depression. The anxiety is mostly related to restlessness and fatigue which resulted in difficulty faced in concentrating on work and daily routine. Depression implies to fear of the unknown, failure, sadness, loneliness and resulted in lack of interest in life which may lead to harming self being and worst to suicide.

Mr. Wang also explained about the remedial measures that may be taken to avoid anxiety and depression especially in Covid-19. The most effective measures he stressed on were to accept the situation willingly and avoid negative thoughts about pandemic and other limitations which were usually not practiced in normal life. He also, mentioned about to keep more communication with family and friends and also involve in useful activities such as social works, sports and readings.        

The best one that  can be learnt from this lecture is to pay attention to positive thoughts and busy with positive work. To avoid being alone and accept the problem can act as an opportunity to find a solution for self and for others. A positive mind helps to build a positive body and positive body helps to create positive environment. These are collective efforts made by students, teachers, and community.