Notice on the Winter Holiday 2021



Dear International Students,


2021 Winter Holiday for SEU students is scheduled from Jan. 23, 2021 to Feb. 26, 2021; the registration time for the spring semester is Feb. 27 and Feb. 28, 2021. We would like to extend our warmest regards and sincere wishes for to you!  In order to have a safe and happy holiday, we kindly remind you of the following:  


To guarantee your safety and health in the winter holiday, you are required to abide by the following regulations.


For those who live in the campus dorm, you must abide by all the regulations related to epidemic-prevention; if you want to get in and out of the campus, you should apply to SEU at least one day in advance and get the approval; if you leave the campus, you must make sure that you come back to the dorm within the designated time; if you violate the regulation, you will be punished accordingly.


For those who are in Nanjing, you are required not to leave Nanjing unless necessary and not to go to any area with high or medium risk of COVID-19; if you need to leave Nanjing, you must apply to SEU and get the approval in advance.


Before you leave Nanjing, you must provide information about your planned residence, transportation routes, detailed reasons, and information about the people you plan to meet when you apply for leaving.


When you are outside of Nanjing ,you must do the daily health report.  


You are not allowed to return to SEU without approval; before you come back from other cities, you must submit application for returning, daily health report record, health code (Su Kang Ma) and commitment letter (In which you promise that you have no history of residence in medium/high risk areas, no history of contact with suspicious persons, etc.).


 All International Students should strictly abide by Chinese laws and SEU regulations. Students should also obey the relevant epidemic-prevention regulations set by the university and local communities.  

Make sure to avoid the violations such as illegal working with student visa, visa expiration, unruly behavior due to alcohol, taking drugs, Illegal missionary, unlawful assembly and disturbing others when living off campus.


The activities of using electrical appliances which are not allowed or suitable in dorm, cooking and using open flames in the dorm, storing any flammable or explosive materials and chemical dangerous goods, and smoking in the dorm are extremely prohibited.  

Meanwhile, pay attention to traffic safety and follow the traffic laws.  


To guarantee your safety and health in the winter holiday, we have following suggestion and reminding for you.

1. 在中国境内的同学,非必要不得离开南京。如确须出行,请提前做好周详计划,充分安排好离校期间的食宿,备足生活费和生活用品。

Whether those students who leave the campus during the winter vocation can get the approval of returning to SEU at the new semester start time/ personal expected date will ultimately depend on SEU’s newest Epidemic Prevention Policy. Therefore, please make a thorough trip plan before you leave and arrange your accommodation with sufficient living expenses and daily necessities.

2. 请尽量减少聚集,请避免前往人多密集处,避免接触有疑似症状人员。

Do not go to the crowded places, do not physically contact people with suspected symptoms of Covid-19.

3. 讲究卫生,勤洗手,注意室内通风,在公共场合戴好口罩。

Be careful of personal hygiene, wash your hands often, keep your room well ventilated and wear your mask in the public places.  

4. 积极与教学院系及导师保持联系,根据要求做好线上课程学习及科研安排,尽量避免城际和国际移动。

Please take the initiative to maintain effective communication and contact with your school and supervisor, and make arrangements for online course study and scientific research as required.

5. 请大家注意自己的签证到期日期,留学生办公室将在假期中停止签证办理工作。

Please check the expiration date of your visa. The International Students’ Office will not issue residence permit/visa during the winter holiday.

6. 根据天气变化适时增减衣服,保持充足睡眠和均衡饮食,适当进行体育锻炼。

Please be sure to dress in layers in accordance to the weather changes. Make sure to get quality sleep, maintain a balance diet and do physical exercises regularly.

7. 不要随身携带大量现金,不要让陌生人进入你的房间,外出前将窗、阳台、门锁好;严守个人信息;保管好个人的有效证件,不要将个人证件借给他人使用,并随身携带有效证件的复印件。

Tips to prevent theft and fraud: Do not take a lot of cash when going out. Do not let strangers stay in your room. When leaving your room, make sure to lock windows and balconies. Protect your personal information. Take care of your personal documents, and do not let others use them on your behalf. Always take a photocopy of your important documents (e.g. passports).

8. 离开宿舍时,须关闭所有电器和电源。

Turn off the electric appliances and power when you leave the dormitory.

9. 如遇紧急事件,请拨打报警电话。公安:110,火警:119,急救电话:120。

If you need urgent assistance, please call one of the following numbers: public security: 110; fire: 119; Emergency Medical Services: 120.


During the winter vacation, students are requested to strictly abide by the relevant management laws and regulations. We sincerely wish you all a nice and safe winter holiday!


College of International Students,

Southeast University


January 22, 2021