How SEU International Students Responded to China’s Achievements in Poverty Alleviation


February 25th, 2021, a day that will always be remembered as a historic day worldwide. It was Thursday morning when president Xi Jinping declared that China had achieved a “complete victory” in its fight against absolute poverty by lifting over 770 million people out of it in the last four decades, calling it another “miracle” created by the world’s most populated country.

This announcement turned out to be a hot topic globally and became a headline for many international newspapers. Below are some screenshots from the Reuters, StraitsTimes, South China Morning Post, and Business Standard newspapers.

President Xi’s efforts in alleviating poverty were appreciated by the people all over the world. Many of the leaders from different countries plan to follow Xi Jinping’s ideas to alleviating poverty. Let’s see how Southeast University’s international students express their views on this poverty eradication victory.

Kalim from Pakistan: I was delighted and motivated to watch President Xi’s speech.  He stated comprehensive victory over absolute poverty. Nearly 100 million people in the country have been lifted out of poverty, and he went on. Xi advocates the nation to be united and dedicated with the strength of being not afraid of hardship and enduring hardships. Best wishes to this great nation under Xi’s remarkable leadership.

Murad Ali from Pakistan: A speech at a ceremony in Beijing on Thursday to commend poverty fighters, was broadcast live on state television. I was very excited to see President Xi Jinping announcing the victory over poverty alleviation. Over the past eight years, more than 1,800 Party members working at grassroots levels across the country have lost their lives while striving for the poverty elimination cause. Their sacrifice and spirit will always be remembered by all the people and recorded in history. I wish more success, blessings, peace for China.

Gloria from Nigeria: Once again, China has achieved a great feat that leaves the rest of the world in awe. The issue of hunger and absolute poverty is a more serious global pandemic than Covid-19 itself because more and more people keep dying from it. I really hope that other countries can learn from the giant strides of China and tackle this issue of global hunger. Kudos Great China!

Nickzad from Afghanistan: Chinese experience in alleviating poverty in all of its provinces and lands is such a promising example for all the poor nations under the Comrade President (Xi Jinping) and his slogan (Shared Destiny of humanity). Congratulations to China for waging and winning a war against poverty. Chinese lessons on poverty alleviation are worth mentioning for the entire world, especially the developing world.

Musa from Sudan: On behalf of the Sudanese student, I would like to appreciate the hard work of the People’s Republic of China and my heartfelt gratitude to Chinese President Xi Jinping for his greatest leadership and efforts in National Poverty Alleviation. It is a comprehensive victory. In his leadership, he believes that “No one will be left behind.”.

Chinese poverty alleviation experience may be shared and learned to enrich the global theory and practice of poverty governance.

I will highly suggest other countries learn from the Chinese experience from these programs that help to improve livelihood and provide social welfare assistance for the poor people.

Hasan from Afghanistan: February 25th, 2021 will always be remembered as a great day for the Chinese nation and the rest of the world. President Xi Jinping made the announcement while addressing a grand meeting held in Beijing to mark the country’s achievements in poverty alleviation and honor its model poverty fighters. With such achievements, China has created another “miracle” that will be remembered in history.

Sifat from Pakistan: I’m jubilant to know that Chinese President Xi Jinping declared a “complete victory” over absolute poverty. It’s an unprecedented achievement in the modern era. Close to 100 million Chinese living in rural areas has been lifted out of absolute poverty since Mr. Xi came to power in late 2012. A great leader with great thinking created a glorious example that will always be a guiding star for the rest of the world. The Chinese nation will forever be proud of this remarkable success that they have achieved with the great thinking and compassion of Chairman Xi. I wish a bright future and prosperity to the Chinese nation and looking forward to working for the mutual benefits of China and Pakistan. We are proud of the achievement of our iron brothers. Long live China-Pakistan friendship.

Waqas from Pakistan: Very happy to see President Xi Jinping announcing the complete victory in the effort to alleviate poverty. He lifted nearly 100 million people from poverty in his leadership, which might be only a dream for the rest of world leaders. I am motivated by Leader Xi Jinping’s efforts, and in the future, I can follow his pathways to play a role in poverty alleviation. Chinese citizens will see a lot of success under this outstanding leader.

All the international students are inspired by this wonderful work of the Chinese government against poverty alleviation under Xi Jinping’s leadership. They want countries to start the campaign against the poverty elimination as China has performed.