Notification of Annual Review for 2020/2021 Academic Year CSC and Southeast University Scholarship Students







    2. 原计划2021年7月毕业,但不能按时毕业,欲申请延期的中国政府奖学金生和东南大学奖学金生(确定2021年7月能够毕业的学生不参评)(只有博士生可以申请奖学金延期);

    3. 上年度评审不合格,被中止奖学金资格的中国政府奖学金国际学生和东南大学奖学金生;

    4. 正在休学的往届学生(正在休学的2020级新生不参加)。


    1. 学生自评内容:遵规守纪、学习情况、参加活动情况。由学生认真按附件要求完成自评表,建议学生按条目清晰罗列自己一学年以来的各方面表现,获得奖励或做出贡献的,请提供相关证明材料。正在休学的学生,提供休学以前各方面表现的自评和材料。











Dear CSC scholarship international students and Southeast University scholarship international students:

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the China Scholarship Council and SEU, the annual review of Chinese Government Scholarship students and the annual review of Southeast University Scholarships in the 2020/2021 academic year have begun. The Chinese government scholarship students and Southeast University scholarship students of SEU must participate and pass the annual review in order to continue to receive the scholarship for the next academic year. The relevant information of this annual review work is hereby notified as follows:

Students to be reviewed:

1. CSC scholarship students and Southeast University scholarship students who will continue to study in our university after September 2021;

2. CSC scholarship students and Southeast University scholarship students who originally planned to graduate in July 2021 but cannot graduate on time and want to apply for extension (students who are sure to graduate in July 2021 do not need to participate in the review)(only PhD students can apply for extension of scholarships);

3. CSC scholarship international students and Southeast University scholarship students who were disqualified from the previous year’s review and were suspended from scholarship from the previous year;

4. Students who are under suspension (the freshmen who are on suspension do not need to participate).

Review content:

1. Contents of student self-assessment: compliance with rules and disciplines, study status, and activity participation. The students should carefully complete the self-evaluation form according to the attached requirements. It is recommended that students clearly list their performance in all aspects of the school year according to the items. If you have been rewarded or made contributions, please provide relevant supporting materials. For students who are under suspension, provide self-evaluation and materials on all aspects of your performance before the suspension.

2. Contents of university evaluation: ethics, academic performance, learning/scientific research attitude, activity performance. (The university evaluation form is directly filled by SEU, and students do not need to provide it)

Material submission:

After completing the self-assessment form, students must sign, scan and send to the email together with the supporting materials

When sending an email, please be sure to indicate your student ID number and name.


Deadline of submitting the self-assessment form is April 25, 2021. Those who do not submit materials on time will be disqualification for the scholarship of the next academic year.


Thank you all for your cooperation.

Wish you all progress in study and good health!


College of International Students

Southeast University

April 10, 2021


Please check the Annex 1 and Annex 2 respectively for the CSC scholarship Annual Review Self-Assessment Form and SEU scholarship Annual Review Self-Assessment Form. Please be sure that you are filling the correct form.

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Annex 2.docx