From a Glimmer to Torchlight--We are Zijin Grass International Volunteers!


The Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition themed “We are Zijin Grass Volunteers” was held at the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders on April 27. On behalf of the CISSEU, 23 international students participated in the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Multiple experts of their fieldso Local officials, volunteers from all walks of life were also invited to participate in the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, the students visited the exhibition area and learned about the history of Nanjing. In the exhibition hall, photos and the memorabilia in the cabinets in English, Japanese and Chinese tell their own stories without words. 

Let’s us see students‘’ opinions about the activity:

Zubair from Pakistan: I would like to thank the CIS for always giving me opportunity to participate in activities. I feel very proud to be a volunteer and a keen person to engage in such a cultural activity. I knew that Japanese troops captured Nanjing on Dec. 13, 1937 and started over 40 days of slaughter. About 300,000 civilians and unarmed Chinese soldiers were brutally murdered, which was the most awful and painful feelings event ever happened in the history of of Nanjing city. At that time, Nanjing was formally capital city of China. I am proud of Pak-China friendship and I always quote "Pak-China friendship is higher than Himalayas, deeper than ocean, sweeter than honey, and stronger than steel”. I always found Chinese people friendly in nature, sweet in behavior and peaceful every time. These qualities makesmake them a nation one step ahead to make the world  aworld a peaceful place!

Waqas from Pakistan: I was very touched after visiting the Memorial Hall a few years ago, so I signed up here as a volunteer with my friends. My friend and I also opened an account on YouTube to show what we saw, heard and felt when we were volunteers, in order to tell people in the world that the Memorial Hall is to spread the concept of peace and that the Chinese people are peace-loving.

Sifat Ullah khan from Pakistan:I’m jubilant to thank Southeast University and CIS for arranging such a great event to see the Memorial Hall. After visiting the Memorial Hall, I feel that “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” It was an amazing experience as events like this enlighten our thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate their efforts, care and love. I’m proud to be a student of SEU. Looking forward to attending such events in future as well!

Chintana Chaiyasuk from Thailand:This activity made me love peace more and understand how difficult it is for us to come to the age of peace. I am very grateful to the University for holding this activity, which has made me have a deeper understanding of the history behind China.

Asikia Leonaitasi from Tonga:  The remembrance of past is a guide for the future, take history as a mirror and create a better future. Very amazing opening ceremony that we attended! Thanks for inviting us to this beautiful and important eventsevent.

Although the opening ceremony has ended, love and peace never end. The international students would like to become participants of more kinds of meaningful activities and be eager to play a massive role with a positive attitude.

供稿: Zubair