The First Chinese Dubbing Competition for International Students


The first Chinese dubbing competition for international students of Southeast University came to the end on May 10th. The competition was organized by the College of International Students of Southeast University, and assisted by the Students’ International Communication Association of Southeast University. The competition mainly aims to enrich the campus cultural life, show the charm of the language, as well as provide a stage for the international students.

In the process of spreading Chinese culture, the study of Chinese language is very influential. The international students who participated in the dubbing competition could learn more about Chinese and have a deeper understanding of the charm of Chinese culture.

Let's review the highlights of this competition and the wonderful performance of the international students!

1. Competition process

The first Chinese dubbing competition for international students of Southeast University started in March 2021. The continuous competition, the wonderful performance of each student, together depict the most gorgeous color of this spring.

In the preliminary competition, each contestant prepared a video that they liked to express their passion for Chinese dubbing. The preliminary contest works was sent to the designated email. After that, teachers from College of International Students, Dubbing Clubs, and other personnel with professional knowledge of Chinese teaching and dubbing were invited to serve as judges. The top 30% of them entered the final.

The film clips selected by the final contestants were evaluated by the judges from aspects such as the pronunciation, voice tone and style.

2. List of winners

First Prize: 谢培雍(POOI YONG CHIA),《前任3:再见前任》

Second Prize: 林欣敏(XIN MIN LIM),《延禧攻略》

                        兰怡(KYI KHIN),《超幸福鞋垫》

Third Prize:  章芷晴(ZHI QING CHEONG,《虞美人盛开的山坡》

                     吴学宇(XUE YU GOH),《沉香》

                     瑞和(NARITH KHUN),《深入的感情》

3. Excellent works display



Work of KYI KHIN 

Through this interesting competition, international students learn more about Chinese and the fun of dubbing. This year's dubbing competition concluded successfully. In the future, College of International Students will continue to hold various activities, create more stages for international students and build a bridge of the communication between international students and Chinese students.

Thanks for the hard work of all contestants!

Thanks for the professional comments made by the judges!

See you next spring!

(Estela Zhang)