SEU International Students Attended Show Jiangsu Photography Project Exhibition


Show Jiangsu Photography Project Exhibitionwas held at Jiangsu Art Museum in Nanjing on May 16th. It was hosted by Information Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and Xinhua News Agency News and Information Center. This exhibition shows photography of Jiangsu Province taken by international photographers between 2018 and 2021. Three SEU international students attended the opening ceremony of Photography Exhibition, where a short film about Jiangsu Province and its most popular cuisine, games and attires was shown at first.

The organizers selected 100 images of Jiangsu province among 3000 work for this exhibition, Moreover, many photographers were present in the exhibition and few who didn’t join the exhibition sent their good wishes through video messages.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, Director of Xinhua News Agency News and Information Center addressed to audience and explained the importance of this event. He emphasized that “the main purpose of this exhibition is to show the world the uniqueness of Jiangsu”. Further, in his speech he said that “work from Show Jiangsu is already published and shown in 600 international media groups”. According to what he said, the main purpose of this event is to show the dynamic, 3D and comprehensive image of Jiangsu.

On the closing of the opening ceremony, the students visited the exhibition area and looked around the photos. In the exhibition hall, there werea lot of photos from all over Jiangsu which were taken on different festivals and places.

Hamza From Pakistan: My love towards photography attracted me to attend this event. Being a photographer, I learnt a lot from this exhibition and met many interesting people. Thanks to College of International Students who gave us this chance to experience this kind of event. I am looking forward to attending many more events in near future!

Taranenko from Russia: I came to Nanjing for study four years ago. Over the years, I have been particularly interested in Chinese culture and history. My hobby is calligraphy. In my opinion, every foreigner should understand the logic of Chinese people, their traditional ideas and customs when he comes to China. Ihad the honor to participate in Show Jiangsu Photography Project Exhibition today. I have learned a lot, enriched my life and understood more about Chinese culture.

Choky from East Timor: Taking pictures with beautiful scenery is absolutely one of my hobbies. After witnessing this exhibition, I consider it as one of the best exhibitions I have ever participated. I saw the way the experts take picture showing other people and the world how beautiful Nanjing China is. These pictures describe the culture, the history and the friendly people of Nanjing. I am grateful for inviting us to this beautiful and important exhibition.

To summarize, the exhibition reflected the importance of ‘Jiangsu Show’ and how it influenced the development of Jiangsu Province. The international students learned a lot about the culture of Jiangsu as well as economic and social development of Jiangsu Province.

News reporter: Hamza Asif Khan