When International Students Meet Xiaoxihu Cultural Heritage


On June 5, 2021, an event called the Impression of the Xiaoxihu Cultural Heritage including a series of healthy and physical activities, was held in the renovated area of the heritage to explore Nanjing city. The activities include  fun interaction, elusive and traditional experiences.

International students from the Southeast University were invited to join the “Impression of the Xiaoxihu Cultural Heritage” memory-seeking activity to see the coexistence of fashion and the feeling of being close to life in the Xiaoxihu cultural heritage harmony between the new business and the residents. The experience and display of intangible cultural heritage also allows international students and residents to feel further the infinite charm of the Qinhuai and the unique traditional Chinese culture, making everyone a messenger of traditional Chinese culture.

Rose from Namibia: The event gave me a breath of fresh air. It helped me relax and take a break from my everyday hostel life. I am amazed by the site. We took part in activities which inspired me to learn more about where I live and engage more with people around me. I thank the organizers and also our College of International Students. I am indebted to all the hospitality they provide.  

Abbas Nasir from Pakistan: We had great fun, met new friends, and enjoyed the hidden games and Chinese music. It was a very healthy and friendly activity. Thank you all for organizing this wonderful activity, and love to see you again shortly. I acknowledge the support of the College of International Students at Southeast University for providing this opportunity.

Chokyfrom East Timor: It was an exciting activity because we enjoyed the game. We have to finish four tasks in the game, and we have learned different things in each lesson. Furthermore, as the team leader, I am proud of my team “Sunshine” even though we won the second. Finally, I am very grateful to the University for inviting us to this beautiful and essential event.

Esi from Ghana: I got a chance to visit one of the most beautiful heritage in Nanjing. It was an exciting activity with cultural and historical knowledge. I had a good time, especially when one of the kindest shadow puppets teacher showed me some steps to make shadow puppets. In addition, I had a chance to make knots where they taught me about some specific things which were new for me. It was a fantastic experience.

Even though the event has come to an end, love and friendship are permanent. International students want to become more involved in cultural activities that are interesting to them.

供稿: Abbas Nasir