Retrospection: History of Our Beloved University, Southeast University


History is an echo of the past in the future and a reflex from the future on the past. On June 3, 10 international students from the Southeast University (SEU) visited the SEU History Museum where they learned about the rich history of SEU and how SEU has beautifully evolved over the past years.

The event was organized by School of Foreign Languages and College of International Students, The students also participated in ‘Meet at SEU Salon’ where the foreign students had an educative, fun filled and interactive moment with other Chinese students from Foreign Language School.

Comments from some international students:

Zubair from Pakistan:

I would like to thank CIS for always giving me the opportunity to participate in activities. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. I feel very proud to participate in activities.

Tauseef from Pakistan:

Thank you SEU and CIS for always giving us these great memories and experiences in China where we can learn about history and make the most out of our lives here in China.

The international students believe that this was a very good initiative and collaboration because walking through each room of the History Museum, listening to the rich history of their beloved school and having great interactions with Chinese students were nostalgic moments which created a great sense of pride and belonging.

供稿: Georgina Esi