Lecture on Important Information Regarding COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Nanjing


On the 5th of August, College of International Students held an online meeting for the international students on how to keep safe and stay healthy during the pandemic. Miss Chu introduced current policies and situation in Nanjing and answered questions concerning visa extension, health code, vaccination and hotlines for foreigners in Nanjing.

More than 70 students attended the meeting and some of them shared their positive ideas on how to adjust daily life and conduct health monitoring.

Adoum from Chade: Thanks for the presentation of the safety precautions. Many of them are very important. Students should be serious about prevention. Wear a mask, clean hands, don’t put hands on tables in public places. I am proud of being a volunteer in Sipailou dormitory. Hope our life can get back to normal soon.

Danna from Congo: I live in Lukou Block, a high-risk area in Nanjing, I want to share with you how things are being managed here. The authorities are trying their best to stop the spread of the virus, people are not allowed to leave their homes. I usually play piano, watch movies, study, and talk to my family and friends on the phone to keep myself busy. The authorities take good care of us by providing groceries such as meat, vegetables, and drinks. There is a hotline for us if we need any help and also for people who seek medical care or any emergency. we stay home for our own good, together we fight against the virus!

Omar from Jordan: During these days, it’s our duty to stand together to protect ourselves and keep safe. I play some sports to keep fit and stay healthy, I also keep in touch with my family and friends. I want to emphasize that all of us should carry on to be cautious in order to keep our school environment safe.

Zaynab from Syria: Thanks for the lecture. I learned a lot about the current policy and I will do everything necessary for self protection. I am a volunteer in my community, I check health code and temperature for residents to make sure everyone is safe and help control the spread of the virus. I believe that doing voluntary work is our duty and it is a simple way to help others and express our love for China as foreign students. I would like to thank our beloved university and all the teachers, and all the heroes who give all this time and effort to protect this beautiful city. I feel sure that Nanjing will strive through the difficulty soon.

Let’s join hands to overcome the pandemic. Hope you all stay safe and healthy!

供稿: Bisher