SEU International Students On The Stage of The Real China Campus (Beijing Exchange Camp)


From September 26th to 28th, 2021, the Real China Campus (Beijing Exchange Camp) held by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and the All-China Students’ Federation took place in Beijing. More than 100 representatives from 30 Chinese universities and 39 countries participated in the three-day event.

Four representatives from the international and Chinese students social practice team of Southeast University were also invited to the event. Among them were ABDULLAH FEROZ from Pakistan and WALID ALBAKIR from Syria. During the Real China Campus (Beijing Exchange Camp), ABDULLAH FEROZ and Li Yi, the Chinese representative of the social practice team, jointly went on the stage of the summary meeting to share their experiences and feelings of their social practice.

The Real China Campus (Beijing Exchange Camp) on the CCTV News

The Real China Campus (Beijing Exchange Camp) participants group photo

The SEU international and Chinese students social practice team, with the theme of "Exploring the Real China through the Urban and Rural Areas - Survey Based on the "Development to the Sea, Green Transformation" of Yancheng, Jiangsu”, carried out their social practice from July to September 2021 in a combination of online and offline methods. In addition to ABDULLAH FEROZ and WALID ALBAKIR, ROSA SHIWEVA from Namibia and WAQAS AHMED from Pakistan are also members of this social practice team. The team read literature reviews, designed online questionnaires, watched videos, conducted online interviews, and visited the Big Data Industrial Park of Yannan High-tech Zone, the New Fourth Army Memorial Museum, Yancheng Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park, Jiafu Village, Huaji Village, the Yellow Sea Wetland, Dongtai Sancang Agricultural Demonstration Park......They learned the development and transformation strategy of Yancheng from diverse perspectives including high-tech development, rural revitalization, ecological protection, urban culture, etc.


The Social Practice Team visited Yancheng

During the Real China Campus (Beijing Exchange Camp), the summary meeting was held on September 27th at the China International Youth Exchange Center. Leaders of the Ministry of Education, China Scholarship Council and the Central Committee of the Communist Young League attended the meeting. Students from six Chinese universities shared their experiences and feelings. Among them, ABDULLAH FEROZ and Li Yi, on behalf of SEU, shared their story with the theme of "Chinese village revitalization".

ABDULLAH FEROZ and Li Yi shared what they saw and heard during their visit in Yancheng. ABDULLAH FEROZ said that through this social practice, he had a deeper understanding of Chinese rural areas for the first time. He finds that many Chinese rural areas are now developing featured industries, the living environment is very comfortable, besides, there are various kinds of cultural activities which make the life of the locals more colorful. In addition, he saw many high-tech industries in China during the visit and he is deeply impressed by the development of China's science and technology, “We can imagine how convenient the life of the human beings can be with these technologies.” He also said, “I hope that more international students and foreigners can come here, to explore the real China, to learn the advanced governance experience, and to use these to make our own country better.” And Li Yi, a native Yancheng girl, was also deeply shocked by the development of her hometown.

ABDULLAH FEROZ and Li Yi on the stage of the Summary Meeting

The four representatives of SEU also accepted interviews of Xinhua News, CCTV, China. org. cn, China Youth Daily, etc.  

Team presentation and interviews on CCTV13 "Morning News", CCTV news

ABDULLAH FEROZ participated in the filming

In addition, during the event, international students from SEU also visited the Palace Museum, exploring the treasures of Chinese culture with their own eyes; visited the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics stadium in the Shougang Industrial Park, feeling excited for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics; visited the Museum of the Communist Party of China and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) , knowing more about the Chinese history and political system.



During the social practice trip to Yancheng, and the trip to Beijing, the international students of SEU are deeply touched. WALID ALBAKIR said that these events gave him a more specific impression of China’s traditional culture, modern development, political system, and historical civilization. “In the Shougang Industrial Park, the ski jump stage and the steel-making chimney are very beautiful." "China has convenient transportation, rich food culture, and beautiful buildings... These events allowed me to see the admirable development speed of China."

In the future, College of International Students of SEU will continue to encourage international students to participate in various cultural and social practice activities to provide them with more opportunities and platforms to walk into the real China.