Confirmation of 2021 Nanjing Government Scholarship


The name list of 2021 Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship is followed. (Appendix 1)

The students in the list should go through the procedure below before receiving the scholarship:

1. Pay the required tuition fees;

2. Pay the required dorm fees if you live in the dorm and get the dorm manager’s signature of dorm fee clearance and upload it via online survey link. If you haven’t had a bed in dorm, there is no need to pay the dorm fee and get the fee clearance.

3. If you meet the above requirement, please scan the QR code or click the link below to log in to the information registration system to complete the bank information registration. If the bank card opened in China but cannot be used normally, you may apply for the collection by relatives or friends (relatives and friends must have Chinese bank cards), and provide the correct application materials ,account information and upload a LETTER OF ENTRUSTMENT (Appendix 2) via online survey link.

If you can finish all the confirmation procedure before 14 December,2021 and all the information is correct, we will be able to transfer the scholarship before the winter vacation. Otherwise, you may wait for a longer time.

Thank you for attention and cooperation!

College of International Students

Appendix 1.pdf

Appendix 2.pdf