SEU International Students Participated in Campus Running Competition


International students participated in the SEU Running Competition under the theme "Welcome Winter Olympics, Towards the Future, and Endeavour to 2022" on 19 December, 2021 in Jiulonghu and Sipailou for 3000 meters distance.

Haithm Al-Shami from Yemen:

I have been looking forward to participate in this event, and today we finally got the chance to take part in it. Today's competition helped me improve my physical fitness and encouraged me to participate in more physical activities in my daily life. Moreover, it was nice seeing new faces and making new foreign friends from different countries and backgrounds. I am very grateful to the University for organizing such kinds of activities and encouraging more international students to show case their skills. These kinds of events are what’s making our university life more interesting, energetic and healthy. I’m inviting all my foreign friends to participate in such kinds of activities in the future, as these activities are very important.

Diaw IBRAHIMA from Senegal:

I am one of SEU's international student ambassadors. This time I was responsible for organizing the participation of international students for this activity. This allowed me to experience my organizational skills for the first time. This kind of activity makes it possible to consolidate the relations between international students, and to create a lot more chemistry between us, and we also really wish that next time, that we would have a lot more participants. I would like to thank the participants who really made my work easier by collaborating well. It was a great experience.

Anupam Sarker from Bangladesh:

I am not professional runner but I really enjoy going to the track. This time I join the running competition arrange by Southeast University which is really enjoyable and nice gathering to refresh our mind and go back for study, work with fuller enthusiasm. Thousands of participants runs together which is really challenging. It is also a great opportunity to reunion with the friends and teachers.

Walid, from Syria:

This competition is my second time to participate in. It is very interesting and wonderful, so that all participants know what persistence is.

Zakir from Pakistan:

It is my 3rd time to participate in welcome new year running competition. Every time I have a wonderful experience. This time I enjoyed with other SEU international students from different countries. I think it is good practice to welcome new year in this way. It will help us to set goals for physical fitness and study for the upcoming year.

 This activity enriched campus life of international students and the performance of our international students was very delightful. University life is a collective life, and health is very important to everyone, let us work for an active and healthy campus life  together, keeping  participating in those kinds of activities in the future.