SEU Won the 2021


From December 26th to 27th, 2021, the 2021 Annual Conference of the Research Committee on Education Management of International Students of Jiangsu Higher Education Institute was held in Nanjing. During the conference, groups and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in education for international students were commended. Southeast University won the 2021 "Jiangsu Province Advanced Group for International Students Education", Wang Jianbing and Zhang Haoyang won the 2021 "Jiangsu Province Advanced Individual for International Students Education", and Zhang Mengjie won the 2021 " Jiangsu Province Excellent International Students Counsellor ".

Leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’sGovernment and more than 120 representatives of universities attended the conference offline, while other representatives of 43 universities joined it online.

Guo Tong, Dean of College of International Students of Southeast University, was invited to attend the conference and made a report on "Research on Online Teaching Practices and Policies for International Students in Universities of Jiangsu Province" and sharedtheuniversity’s experience on education management of international students such as the online teaching, course construction and the education quality improvement.

2021 is still a challenging year for the educationmanagement of international students. During the year, Southeast University strictly controlled the epidemic, innovated the enrollment model, optimizedthe online teaching, improvedthe management services and paid highly attention to connotative development. International students have won diverse national, provincial and school-level awards, and were interviewed and reported by many mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, CCTV News, China. org. cn, China Youth Daily, Jiaohui News, Xinhua Daily, Nanjing Daily and Yangtse Evening News.Being awarded the 2021 "Jiangsu Province Advanced Group for International Students Education" also showed that the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department highly affirmed the university’s efforts on education of International Students.

In the future, Southeast University will continue to actively lead and live the changes, take multiple measures and make overall plans to effectively guarantee the orderly development of various management services for international students, as well as to continuously improve the education quality.