Happy New Year, Year of Tiger!


When the Chinese Lunar new year of Tiger is approaching, SEU has organized a series of activities for the international students living in campus to make them feel the atmosphere of the festival. After another remarkable 2021 we have all experienced, international students also have their wishes for the Chinese Lunar year, year of Tiger. They have special greetings to share.

Please accept new year greetings from SEU international students.  

We have spent another joyful year 2021 together, with all its up and down and a lot of beautiful memories we have made. The happy days we shared together and the struggles we endured together. Everyone is optimistic that it will only get better. The epidemic is still a major concern, however we know better and we are keeping safe. Approaching the Chinese Lunar new year of Tiger in 2022, SEU international students sent their new year greetings in different languages. Let's listen to them.

The students also posted their good wishes on the wish wall. Many students hope the epidemic will end soon, so that they will get a chance to visit their home country freely. Other students wish they will have great health and strength in the new year in order to continue and finish their studies successfully.

Haithm Al-Shami from Yemen: Although we had some unforgettable memories with our friends and teachers at SEU this year, the year is finally over. Good memories are unforgettable and I hope 2022 brings exciting news, awesome experiences and prosperity to my SEU family. As 2022 marks the 120th anniversary of SEU. I sincerely hope that my dear university will continue to prosper, thrive and develop. I wish my SEU family good health, great achievements and happiness in the coming year.

Emmanuel from Ghana: I wish everyone in SEU a happy new year , hoping 2022 will be a fruitful year for everyone.

Gloria from Nigeria: May we end the year in gratitude and welcome the new year with joy . Happy new year!

Zaynab Ali from Syria: Love and peace all over the world.

Hasnain Abbas From Pakistan: Happy new year! China always stunning like a star!

Onome from Nigeria: I wish everyone in SEU good health and success in everything. Happy new year!  

Orion  from Bolivia: Happy new year to all the SEU staff and students.  

In the new year students also wish they have happiness, joy, health, wealth and wisdom. 

Others wrote may all the finest things come to your way .  

Year of Tiger 2022 marks another prestigious celebration anniversary for the SEU family and we celebrate 120th anniversary of the founding of SEU. SEU continues to strive for Excellence and reach supreme goodness. In the same way we wish, SEU a successful 2022, to reach greater heights and continue shaping the lives of many students.

Finally may the new year of Tiger bring us all a joyful time to continue, Just like SEU motto Strive for Excellence to reach supreme goodness. Happy New Year!