Announcement for Winter Vacation 2022


In compliance with SEU calendar, 2022 Winter Vacation is scheduled from January 10th 2022 to February 11th 2022.

During the Winter Holiday, all campuses will remain closed management. Please pay attention to the COVID-19 epidemic situation and your personal protection. Keep wearing mask, no gathering. Students who live off-campus should reduce unnecessary going out. You will not be allowed to go to the areas with middle / high risk epidemic situation. If you intend to leave the dormitory areas /Nanjing City during the holiday to visit your family, please apply to your dormitory managers and also submit your application online ( in advance before January 8th, submit application form and commitment letter (take the template from dorm managers). You cannot leave without approval online! This requirement is COMPULSORY! Travelling out of Nanjing for other reasons will not be approved.  

All student should complete Daily Health Report as usual.

Students who need to apply for campus entering, visa extension, and other personal matters, please come to CIS office before January  8th 2022. For graduating students, please pay attention to the Notice of visa extension for graduating students.

Please contact the campus dormitory managers or CIS office for emergency services.

Wish you all a happy vacation!        

Sipailou Campus: Mr. Wang 83690895

Jiulonghu Campus: Mr. Shen 15312090060

Dingjiaqiao Campus: Mr. Jiang 83272372

CIS Email: