International Students Made Dumplings Together to Celebrate Chinese New Year


As we approach the Year of Tiger, on January 18, College of International Students held a unique cultural activity of making dumplings and experiencing the rich culture of Spring Festival to enrich students’ life and promote their understanding about traditional Chinese culture.  

The chef from Shatangyuan Canteen taught international students how to make dumplings and let the students make yummy dumplings by themselves. The chef was satisfied with their work, felt happy to spend a wonderful time with international students, and expressed best wishes for Chinese New Year!

After dumpling-making procedure was over, the chef took the dumplings to cook and later the students enjoy the taste of the home-made dumplings.  

Besides making dumplings, international students also experienced the rich culture of Spring Festival greetings, including Spring Festival couplets, learning paper-cutting, traditional Chinese folk art, etc.  

The international students felt happy after having a get-together. This activity not only enriched their campus life, but also provided them an opportunity to experience traditional Chinese culture. Even though they stay on campus during the winter vacation, they don’t feel lonely with having care and warm support from the college and the university!