SEU International Students Discussed Splendid Beijing Winter Olympics


The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games was grandly held at the National Stadium on Feb 4. International students at Southeast University watched the live broadcast of the opening ceremony, what impressed them most was the concept of technological innovation, low-carbon environmental protection, sports and health, etc. Some students shared their impressions of watching the opening ceremony and the games.

Samran from Pakistan: I was very excited when I saw the Pakistani delegation entering the venue and I heard the cheers from the audience. As a Pakistani student studying in China, I feel the enthusiasm and friendship of the Chinese people. I hope the friendship between the two countries will last forever! I looked forward to the lighting of the Olympic flame. The thing which impressed me most was the unique and spectacular lighting of the flame, the last torch was the main torch. This arrangement was based on the idea of low-carbon and environmental protection, and also reflected the spirit of peace and unity in the world. I am a fan of winter sports, and I like watching the curling competition, it is difficult to control the direction and speed of curling, which requires hard work. Good luck to all the athletes!

Al-Shami Haithm from Yemen: I watched the live broadcast of the Winter Olympics and was deeply impressed by the Chinese elements and technological elements displayed in the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony has a unique countdown through the twenty-four solar terms. I am learning Chinese, and I hope I can deeply understand its connotation. The opening ceremony highlighted the sense of technology and modernity, which shows China's advanced scientific and technological strength to the world. I watch the mixed team relay final of short-track speed skating. Congratulations to Team China for winning the gold medal, it was very exciting and they deserve the victory!  

Marvellous Okeke from Nigeria: The most heartwarming moment for me was the scene of the cute kids skating in the snow and falling but getting up to continue skating. This spoke to me about persistence and resilience. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall on your way to your destination, what matters is getting back up and continuing your journey with good cheer. A man goes faster alone, but together we can go farther. I enjoyed the ceremony because of the display of charisma and professionalism of the kids. I could see they were happy and having loads of fun. The future is always the little children and youths. They were not left out in the opening ceremony. I like to watch figure skating because I think it’s elegant to slide and dance on the ice!  

Irina from Kazakhstan: I watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics with my friends, it was impressive and showed the Chinese culture, superb technical strength and strong organizational ability. I hope Olympic Games contribute to building a peaceful and better world, and working together for a shared future with the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger-Together”!