Lecture on Prevention against Telecom and Internet Fraud Held at College of International Students


To further improve the ability of international students to identify various types of fraud and their awareness of self-prevention, on the morning of March 8, police officer Xu Jiahong from Xuanwu Sub-bureau of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau was invited to the building of the College of International Students to hold a lecture themed Prevention of Telecom and Internet Fraud.


The police officer started with the definition and the common types of telecoms and internet fraud. She emphasized the online shopping frauds happen most frequently among foreign students. So please all foreign students should be careful with online shopping, don’t use APP that you don’t know. At the end of the lecture, she also explained the ways to prevent telecom and internet fraud: Do not trust strangers, do not share your personal information with anyone, and do not transfer money before verification. Many fraudsters will add numbers such as “00” in front to imitate the correct number. If such a call is received, it can be identified as a fraudulent call. She advised if we receive a call from 96110(Anti-Fraud Special Line), please do answer it in time and listen to the staff's advice patiently to avoid being cheated.  

The very informative lecture made the international students understand the common methods of telecom and internet fraud, enhanced their awareness of avoiding fraud effectively, and jointly builta strong line of defence against telecom and internet fraud.