"One-Belt-One-Road Local Chinese Teachers" scholarship


In order to further the focus on the cultivation of overseas Chinese teachers and their reserve forces, Southeast University plans to recruit 15 "One-Belt-One-Road Local Chinese Teachers" scholarship students from countries along the One-Belt-One-Road in 2022.

Scholarship recipients

1. Non-Chinese nationals.

2. Local full-time and part-time Chinese teachers from countries along the "One-Belt-One-Road" and countries that include Chinese in their national education system, the teacher should have a bachelor's degree or equivalent, graduated from Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages or a Chinese-related major, be full-time or part-time Chinese teachers, or be in the fourth year of a bachelor's degree in a Chinese-related major and have the intention to teach Chinese in the future.

If you are fresh graduate of bachelor or master degree in Chinese-Language- Teaching or related major, you must make sure that you have a clear working agreement on teaching Chinese.

3. Local Chinese teachers who provide employment certificates and recommendation letters issued by their working institutions can be exempted from submitting HSK certificates.

4. Under the age of 45.

Scholarship Programs

Applicants who successfully apply scholarship will study for a master's degree in International Chinese Language Education in Southeast University, and the training period is generally 3 years.

Application method

1. Log in http://www.chinese.cn/page/#/pcpage/project_detail before April 20, click application online. Then register in the Scholarship section, complete and submit application materials online.

2. As for the selection of scholarship programs, select special scholarship and "One-Belt-One-Road Local Chinese Teacher Promotion Program".

3. After filling in the information, you can preview, save, and submit the information. It cannot be modified after submission.  

Contents and standards of funding

The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, living expenses and comprehensive medical insurance. Please refer to the following website for details and criteria:



Confucius Institute Office of Southeast University

Tel: 86-25-83792660

E-mail: 103009044 @seu.edu.cn

Website: https://cis.seu.edu.cn/13922/list.htm

Center for Language Education and Cooperation

Office of Examinations and Scholarships

Telephone: + 86-10-58595727

E-mail: scholarships@chinese.cn