Notification of Annual Review for 2022/2023 Academic Year CSC Scholarship Students


Dear CSC scholarship international students:

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the China Scholarship Council and SEU, the annual review of Chinese Government Scholarship students in the 2022/2023 academic year has begun.The Chinese government scholarship students must participate and pass the annual review in order to continue to receive the scholarship for the next academic year. The relevant information of this annual review work is hereby notified as follows:

Students to be reviewed

1. CSC scholarship students who will continue to study in our university after September 2023;

2. CSC scholarship students who originally planned to graduate in July 2023 but cannot graduate on time and want to apply for extension (students who are sure to graduate in July 2023 do not need to participate in the review)only PhD students can apply for extension of scholarships;

3. CSC scholarship students who were disqualified from the previous year’s review and were suspended from scholarship from the previous year.

Review content

1. Contents of student self-assessment: compliance with rules and disciplines,

study status, and activity participation. The students should carefully complete the self-evaluation according to the requirements. It is recommended that students clearly list their performance in all aspects of the school year according to the items. If you have been rewarded or made contributions, please provide relevant supporting materials. For students who are under suspension, provide self-evaluation and materials on all aspects of your performance before the suspension.

2. Contents of university evaluation: ethics, academic performance, learning/

scientific research attitude, activity performance. (The university evaluation form is directly filled by SEU, and students do not need to provide it)

Material submission

For CSC scholarship students, please fill in all the information with the supporting materials in the system.


Deadline of submitting the self-assessment form is April 30, 2023. Those who do not submit materials on time will be disqualification for the scholarship of the next academic year.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Wish you all progress in study and good health!

College of International Students

Southeast University

April 19, 2023

Please check the Annex 1 for the CSC System Operating Procedures.

Annex 1:CSC System Operating Procedures.docx