Pre- notice on Resuming Offline Study in the Autumn Semester of 2023


Dear Students,

The COVID-19 has had a great impact on everyone's life and travel, and some students have to study off-campus. Since August 2022, especially after the release of the "Class B Management" policy, visa applications and international travel have gradually return to normal. We are pleased to see most students have returned to campus to continue their studies. However, due to various reasons, some students still encounter difficulty and struggled in returning.

This notification is to remind you all that from the autumn of academic year 2023-2024, our university running will completely return to normal, which means students are expected to study in campus to have a quality education, and on-line study is no longer an available option. To help you with a smooth transition and get ready to welcome you all back in the new academic year, here are a few gentle reminders for your attention:

1. According to the requirements of the Student Handbook and the Graduate Handbook, students are required to register and study at the campus within the prescribed time limit. The start time of the autumn semester is August 21, 2023. Please make arrangement in advance.

2. In order to help you complete the approval of returning, prepare for and issue the entry documents in a timely manner, students who need to apply for a visa to return must report to the International Student Office before June 18, 2023. (email: Those who fail to apply for returning to school on time due to personal reasons may have to bear the consequences of canceled student status and scholarship qualifications. In this case all responsibility is borne by the students themselves, please pay attention

3. If you are unable to return on time due to irresistible reasons, please apply with relevant proof and supporting documents for leave to our student affairs’ office (email:, or for suspension the Academic Affairs Office (email: The final decision is subjected to the university approval.

4. Those who have not been granted leave or suspense, or failed arrived on the permitted time period, shall be considered as giving up the student status and the scholarship eligibility shall be automatically canceled (except for valid reasons such as force majeure).

5. Students enrolled in 2020, 2021, and 2022 will not get living expenses during their overseas studies. After they arrive in China and pass the scholarship qualification review, living expenses will be given to them since the date of returning to school. If you are unsure whether you are still within the scholarship funding period after returning, please contact the International Student Office in time.

6. Students who are expected to complete their degree study (including defence and thesis submission) before the new academic year are encourage to completing the graduation and leaving procedures at early convenience. Also remember to contact the dormitory staff to check out on time in order to avoid unnecessary dormitory expenses.

Towards to the end of this semester, please carefully participate in the learning of various courses and get good preparation for the final exams.

Wish everyone good health, best luck on exams, and successful academic performance! Looking forward to everyone gathering in Nanjing in the autumn semester of 2023!

College of International Students,

Southeast University

June 12, 2023